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Updated 3 October 2022

As a direct impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many readily adapted to the new requirements of remote working by setting up their homes to accommodate their work. Some, however, took this a bit further by packing up their laptops, and phones and taking their work on the road as digital nomads.

Dubai, with its cosmopolitan appeal and established digital infrastructure, naturally becomes one of the most sought after destinations for these digital nomads to ply their trade.

The 1-year visa UAE readily facilitates these remote workers to live and work in Dubai and the UAE. Here’s all you need to know about the 1-year visa UAE.

What is the 1-year visa UAE?

Dubai’s one year visa is formally known as the Virtual Working Programme (VWP). The arrangement allows holders to relocate to Dubai from outside the UAE and legally work for their current company or organization remotely.


What are the benefits of the UAE remote work visa?

Apart from granting holders of the visa with a legal standing to live and work in the UAE, the 1-year visa additionally grants foreign remote workers access to all the standard services that residents benefit from, including banking services, utilities, and even schooling.

Holders of the visa are also permitted to leave the country and return to the UAE multiple times. However, be advised that staying out of the UAE for six months or more will automatically render the visa nullified. 

Remote workers may enter Dubai under self-sponsorship and are eligible for zero income tax.


Who should apply for the 1-year visa UAE? 

Any eligible foreign national who is able to do their work remotely are welcome to apply for the VWP.

The 1-year visa is specifically designed to facilitate remote workers, entrepreneurs, as well as other location-independent infidviduals with the inclination to live and work in Dubai. Should your application to live in Dubai is approved by the UAE, you may even bring your family along.


What are the requirements of the 1-year visa UAE?

The requirements are as follows:

  • A passport with validity period of at least six 6 months
  • A health insurance policy valid in the UAE
  • Employees are required to provide the following:
    – proof of employment from their current employer with a one-year contract
    – a minimum of USD 5,000 per month salary
    – the latest payslip along with a bank statement of the preceeding three months
  • Business owners are required to provide the following:
    – proof of ownership of the company for one year or more
    – an average monthly income of USD 5,000
    – a bank statement detailing the income of the preceding three


How do I apply for the 1-year visa UAE?

Once you have established eligibility, simply fill out the online form. You will be contacted by the relevant authorities with further instructions concerning the application.


Is the 1-year visa in UAE extendable?

The 1-year visa is extendable in the sense that you may apply for the VWP consecutive times. You would need to restart the process as detailed above. 


What is the price of the 1-year visa?

The fee of the 1-year visa UAE is USD 287 per applicant. However, keep in mind that you are also required to obtain an insurance policy and will be liable to processing and Emirates ID fees. 

Please note that completing the processing fee does not guarantee approval of application.

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