With the world we live in being increasingly infiltrated by subliminal and predatory advertising throughout nearly all media platforms as advertisers try to overcome how annoyed we all are getting with back to back ads on YouTube, for example.

One form of media has not yet been infiltrated to this degree, however, and its podcasts. Sort of like informational or storytelling radio episodes, podcasts are typically more personal and genuine, and the ads are usually more informational and give you knowledge of products or services that are related to the channels.

A Life in Travel

Founded by Penang-born Yeoh Siew Hoon, a veteran journalist and travel writer, the A Life in Travel podcast aims to bring you the most fascinating stories from travel industry insiders.

@ A Life in Travel

Her guests are aficionados who have “built their lives in travel,” and also those lives have undeniably been influenced by traveling. For an insightful and inspiring listen, A Life in Travel is certainly something you’d want in your life.

Flight of Fancy

A backpacking veteran, Ben Groundwater, is the host of Flight of Fancy, which serves up weekly 30-minute episodes.

His channel is particularly personal, sharing stories and experiences about himself and his guests, discussing tips on how to navigate tricky situations abroad, and whether or not certain travel experiences are worth it or not.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda Kendle is the host of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, which offers congenial stories from her guests and personal experiences.

She and her fellow travel addicts would share their encounters on piloting in unfamiliar lands, interacting with the local people, and the lessons and skills they learn from their (mis)adventures.

Zero to Travel

A rather philosophical and profound travel channel, Jason Moore’s channel attempts to breakdown and rebuild the meaning of travel and the rationality (or irrationality, perhaps) of it all.

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Providing unorthodox approaches to traveling, and dissecting how and why we travel, Jason’s channel is an awakening collection of deep insights.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

As the title suggests, Shelby Stanger’s channel is all about the wild side of traveling. Her episodes feature interviews with some of the wildest travelers – from mountain climbers to competitive marathoners, globe-trotting writers to wildlife photographers.

© Wild Ideas Worth Living

This is the go-to channel when you’re looking for that wild idea to jazz up your travel plans.