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Planning a holiday? Enjoy theme parks? Then this is the perfect list for you and the whole family, we found some amazing theme parks that most Singaporeans have never heard of. So if you’re tired of the usual trips to Universal Studios, Legoland and Disneyland, maybe this is the year to try something new overseas while you’re on holiday. They’re even worth visiting if you just happen to be in the area.

Fuji-Q, Japan


Located near the base of Mount Fuji and amidst the beautiful surroundings of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park, this is one of the best theme parks in Japan for both adults and kids. Currently, there are nearly 40 kinds of attractions in the park, many attractions are certified as Guinness world record holders, there are even maze rooms and puzzle rooms. Definitely a fun unique experience for the whole family.

There is so much more to do around Mount Fuji that you will want to take a few days to explore all the area. Here is the guide you need to make the most of your trip to Mount Fuji.

Wonderla, India


Wonderla in Bangalore is considered to be among the top theme parks in the world and is one of the largest chains of theme parks in India. The park features a wide variety of attractions including 55 land and water rides, a musical fountain and laser shows, and a virtual reality show. Wonderla Bangalore has a dance floor with electronically controlled rain showers. Wonderla also has attractions specially designed for children, and these are gentle yet unusual like a kiddies free-fall ride, perfect for a family holiday.

Gardaland, Italy


Considered to be one of the top 10 theme parks in the world, Gardaland is an incredible journey for everyone. They have a themed-water well, and thrilling rides which include the Blue Tornado, Raptor, Magic Mountain, Sequoia Adventure, Oblivion: The Black Hole, and a lot more. The resort includes Gardaland Park, Gardaland Sea-Life, and the Gardaland Hotel, everything necessary for an incredible holiday.

Europa Park, Germany


The second most popular theme park in Europe and the largest in Germany, Europa Park is a castle of fairy tales taking you on a virtual journey. Spread across 200-acre grounds, the park is home to 13 roller coasters, the oldest being Alpenexpress Enzian, a powered coaster that speeds through a diamond mine, and the newest coaster being the Ba-a-a Express, a small kiddie roller coaster. Europa-Park has very high capacity roller coasters and attractions meaning the park can accommodate up approximately 60,000 guests per day.

In November 2019, Europa-Park’s Rulantica water park will open, in addition to a new themed hotel “Krønasår” in May 2019. There will be 25 water attractions, including 17 water slides. Providing all sorts of exciting options for you.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong


The largest theme park and oceanarium in the world. It is one of the most visited parks and is by far, one of the most amazing places to visit if you’re in Hong Kong. There are over 80 rides and attractions, all of which combine to give a stellar natural and entertainment experience like none other.

  • Ticket Price: From HK 438$ for adults, HK 219$ for children(3-12)HK 438$ (above 12)HK 219$ (between 3 – 12)

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark


One of the oldest amusement parks in the world that welcomes thrill seekers since 1843. Tivoli Gardens inspired Walt Disney to make Disneyland. The park’s original coaster, Rutschebanen remains the best coaster in the park with a track that weaves in and around the mountainside. It’s one of the only parks on this list is located in an extremely notable city, not only in Europe but across the world. You’ll almost certainly find a parade of other things to do in Copenhagen.

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