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Regardless of the destination, a bit of preparation and pre-trip organisation cannot hurt.

Below are a few tips to ensure you are ready to join your group tour for a solo adventure, though they also apply to any other type of holiday travel. If you want to be super-organised, you could even put together a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Do some research

Some reading about the countries you are about to visit is always helpful. Check-up on local habits and customs, culture, religion and do’s and don’ts, to make sure you act appropriately throughout your stay. And why not read up about the historical background of your destination, so you understand a bit more when you visit the sites and museums.

When joining a group tour, your guide will talk you through all of the above and you can always ask them more in-depth questions. As a solo traveller, it might feel safer and easier to travel as part of a group rather than completely on your own too.

Check the weather

What the weather will be like at the time of your travels impacts what you will need to pack. An obvious one but instead of overpacking all sort of clothes, pack the minimum and check whether you will have opportunities to do your laundry locally.

You can always buy that piece of clothing you forgot during your stay and it will become a memory of your special time abroad, this is how you travel light!

Look into the local food

Find out what food is typical. Food is an integral part of a country’s culture and you don’t want your taste buds to miss out on trying something new, local and typical. You can always ask your tour guide for some recommendations – as a local, they’ll know all the best kept secrets about where to eat, and they’ll be happy to share with you!

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