Travel, and tell no one…live a true love story, and tell no one…live happily, and tell no one…people ruin beautiful things. 

So said Kahlil Gibran, the Lebanese-American poet and philosopher. 

Travel, excitement, and sweet memories shouldn’t be limited to couples on Valentine’s day. So, we picked a list of destinations and activities perfect for singles who want to celebrate life and themselves.

If you are single and are not particularly tied down with a plan on that day, why not go somewhere and live a true love story…and come back to tell none? Let it be your little secret.

Collingwood, Ontario

Collingwood sits on the beautiful Georgian Bay and is the gateway to Blue Mountain ski resort with its cross-country trails. Fancy mountain biking, anyone? Head to Collingwood, only a few hours away from the city of Toronto.

Apart from a great network of singletrack lush deciduous forests, there is also a beach here to go to for an invigorating post-ride swim.

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Interlaken, Switzerland

Sandwiched between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, this heaven is close to many beautiful villages. Ski down the mountains here or go ice climbing! You can also tour the lakes on a sailboat or canoe.

Or, for a wild adventure for one, put yourself in a plastic ball and let it roll down a gentle slope. Yes, zorb your way through Valentine’s Day at Interlaken!

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico

A town still on its way to slowly turning modern, Puerto Escondido sits on Oaxaca’s Pacific Coast. With its inherent simplicity and affordable way of life, it is fast growing into a paradise for those that seek some time away from the crowd.

Food is aplenty and there is a beach for every occasion — one with bars and tourists, one for the local crowd, one for the idlers wanting to do nothing but gaze at the vast sea. 

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León, Nicaragua

Ever done volcano boarding? León — one of the prettiest cities in Nicaragua — is located on a volcanic chain and no wonder then that one of its major attractions is volcano boarding. You can hike up a mountain and ride down, either sitting or standing, on a metal or plywood board.

Do get a good guide for this extreme activity so you are out of harm’s way. If volcano boarding doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s a lot more to León, such as its cathedrals and museums, some glorious food, and its proximity to Las Penitas village with a good beach.

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Socotra Island, Yemen

If you want absolutely no one to find you, pack your bags and head to Socotra Island, a remote archipelago off Yemen. This is one for the truly adventurous souls out there, as commercial access to Socotra Island is only available through the conflict-stricken Yemen.

Creature comforts are few here; it is the experience of a lifetime with Socotra being so isolated from the world that one-third of its plant and animal species aren’t found elsewhere. Enjoy some very enthralling views and unique wildlife by hiring local guides who know the way around this untouched place.

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Mumbai to Goa, India

Take a road trip along the Konkan coast of India by driving from Mumbai to Goa. Over 600 kilometres, this route is full of little villages, beaches, historical forts and beautiful rivers.

Suvarndurg fort

Stop in places and enjoy simple food from homely joints at the villages; make sure you sample the fish fry and sol kadi, essential elements of any Konkan meal. Don’t forget to bring first aid kits and mosquito repellants along!

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The entire country of Indonesia is dotted with islands as beautiful as the next, but for a perfect solo island experience, try diving at this lesser known Indonesian paradise with more than 1,500 islands and over 1,200 fish species.

There are resorts here but homestays with the locals are recommended to get a sense of how the locals move and live around the little archipelago.

Despite its growing popularity as a resort and surf haven, there’s still pockets of peace and tranquility around where you will be able to relax in the pristine lap of nature. 

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