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China will host an exhibition starting on 18 July, which will be the largest-ever showcasing of Egyptian artifacts in Asia, featuring 788 pieces imported from Egypt, reports Wego.

The 788 artifacts were transported from Egypt in 90 large crates, drawing significant attention from locals and social media. This exhibition is the first of its kind and the largest ever of Egyptian artifacts in Asia, with 200,000 early bird tickets already sold.

The excitement was heightened when two of the crates were opened at the Shanghai Museum, revealing a painted anthropoid coffin and a statue of Akhenaten, the father of the famous Tutankhamun. This attracted substantial media attention, and the museum authorities confirmed that they are in full preparation for the grand opening on 18 July.

The exhibition, titled “On Top of the Pyramid: The Civilization of Ancient Egypt,” includes significant findings from various Egyptian museums, such as statues of pharaohs Tutankhamun, Amenemhat III, and Ramses II. Additionally, it will feature numerous precious artifacts from the Saqqara region, many of which have never been publicly displayed before.

This exhibition will run for 13 months, from 18 July 2024 to 17 August 2025. This cultural exchange plays a significant role in strengthening diplomatic ties between China and Egypt and offers an incredible opportunity for people in Asia to experience the wonders of Egypt all in one place.