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Updated November 2023

The Al Hosn app, which used to be the UAE’s official contact tracing app for health testing related to COVID-19, has now received a major update. Following the launch of the updated version, Al Hosn is now the official platform for digital healthcare and vaccinations in the UAE.

In this article, Wego provides you a look at the Al Hosn app, including ways to download it, and what changes the new upgrade brings forth.

What is the Al Hosn app?

The new version of the Al Hosn app was launched by the UAE health authorities on 13 September, 2023.

With its enhanced features dedicated to protecting the health of the younger population, this upgrade is designed to advance the objectives of the National Immunisation Programme, underscoring the UAE’s continual commitment to improving its healthcare system and safeguarding the community against infectious diseases.

The application now provides comprehensive vaccination records for children from birth to 18 years old, serving as a crucial tool in increasing child vaccination rates across the nation, a key indicator of the country’s healthcare strategy success. The UAE government makes it mandatory for children to be vaccinated from the time they are born until they reach grade 11.

It is important to note that at the time of writing, the app only provides records of children whose vaccinations are documented with healthcare authorities in the Northern Emirates.

This initiative is poised to strengthen preventive measures against communicable diseases, harnessing the latest digital technology advancements to bolster proactive healthcare efforts. Additionally, the application also features personalized vaccination reminders and a secure method for sharing vaccination data with relevant authorities.

The enhanced Al Hosn application, hosted on the national cloud, is a collaborative effort with the “Riayati” digital platform, an integral component of the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR).

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Al Hosn app updates

The Al Hosn app will no longer be used to record the COVID19 vaccination status of residents.

The most recent update introduces a diverse array of digital solutions that empower families to effortlessly track vaccination statuses and access their records. It maintains a comprehensive record of vaccinations for children and offers a secure method to share vaccination data with relevant authorities and others.

Furthermore, this update ensures users have access to precise and trustworthy information, a result of the cooperative endeavors between the Ministry of Health and local health authorities.

The aim of these updates is to achieve optimal health coverage and sustain high vaccination rates. Al Hosn app will eventually replace the vaccination record book for children and will be made mandatory for vaccination records in schools.

Al Hosn app download

Al Hosn is currently available in Arabic, English and Hindi. You can download the Al Hosn app on the following links:

Al Hosn web app

Apart from the mobile applications, you can also access the Al Hosn web app. This platform lets you access the app without the need to download an application. The web app is available in English and Arabic.

Al Hosn app login & registration

To register on the Al Hosn app, you must enter your Emirates ID and the phone number linked to it.

Here’s how you can register and use the Al Hosn app in the UAE:

  • Install the Al Hosn application
  • Register yourself on the app by entering your Emirates ID, and your mobile phone number.
  • You will then receive an OTP on your phone for verification purposes.
  • Enter the OTP to verify your account.
  • You will be registered on the app.

Once you register on the app, you can access comprehensive vaccination records.

Al Hosn app vaccination check

The Al Hosn app will now provide a complete history of your vaccinations. Users can easily download, print and share their vaccination records via email, message etc. Parents can check the vaccination status of their children, such as when they received their vaccinations and when the next vaccination is due.


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