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Updated January 2024

Step into a realm where the enchanting tales of Aladdin and Sinbad materialise – welcome to the magical Aladdin City in Dubai. This planned three-tower development covering 450 metres of the Dhow Wharfage area blends the charm of age-old stories with contemporary architectural marvels.

Read on as Wego unveils everything you need to know about Aladdin City in Dubai.

What is the Aladdin City?

Situated along Dubai Creek, Aladdin City is a planned three-tower development covering 450 metres of the Dhow Wharfage area. Spearheaded by the Dubai Municipality, this ambitious project draws inspiration from the timeless tales of Aladdin and Sinbad, breathing life into these narratives through modern design.

Aladdin City location 

Nestled in the heart of Deira, Dubai, Aladdin City is situated within the enchanting district of Riggat Al Buteen.

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Aladdin City attractions

Despite the modern skyscrapers, Aladdin City will encapsulate the enduring allure of fairy tales and innovative designs.

Visitors will be transported into the enchanting world of Aladdin and his magical lamp, where three golden towers stand tall, symbolising the magic that resides within the lamp.

Three-lamp architecture

The impressive three-lamp architecture of Aladdin City Dubai, where golden towers stand as a testament to the magic of Aladdin’s lamp, is the most striking feature of this attraction.

Air-conditioned bridges offer breathtaking views of Dubai Creek and its surroundings, creating an atmosphere that evokes the energy of storytelling and the power of turning dreams into reality.

Floating walkways

A unique feature of Aladdin City will be its network of climate-controlled walkways that seamlessly connect the skyscrapers. Adorned with intricate Arabic designs, these walkways will provide a surreal experience, as if walking on clouds.

Evening strolls offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning panorama of Dubai Creek.

Dubai’s famous landmarks within reach

Beyond its magical ambience, Aladdin City serves as a gateway to explore Dubai’s diverse attractions. Historical sites such as Al Fahidi and the Dubai Museum, along with the vibrant Deira marketplaces, are conveniently accessible.

For those extending their stay, the lively market, Souk Al Bahar, is nestled within Aladdin City.

Cultural extravaganza

Aladdin City embraces the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East and is planned to host a myriad of celebrations and events throughout the year.

From traditional dances and music to captivating art performances, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the diverse cultural traditions of the region.

Aladdin City ticket price 

According to some sources, Aladdin City Dubai has waived its entrance fee, offering visitors a more accessible experience. However, it is advisable to verify this information independently for the latest updates.


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