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Qiddiya City has announced plans for a first-of-its-kind Water Theme Park, “Aquarabia,” set to be the largest in the Middle East, Wego reports. The proposed park, sprawling across a massive 250,000 square meters, is expected to boast 22 rides and attractions, 8 themed lands, and 5 groundbreaking rides.


The eight themed lands, inspired by Qiddiya’s wildlife, are planned to be interspersed with 81 climate-controlled luxury cabanas. The offerings include:

  • Camel Rock: An ancient mountain teeming with exciting adventures
  • Surf Lagoon: The largest pool in Aquarabia, offering the best surfing experience in Qiddiya City
  • The Den: A secluded grotto reserved for women and children, providing a tranquil retreat
  • Wave Wadi: A stunning beachside surf destination
  • Herding Grounds: A proving ground offering thrilling adventures for all ages
  • Arabian Peak: Immersive soothing pools offering awe-inspiring desert views
  • Dhub Grotto: A massive play fortress suitable for all ages
  • Viper Canyon: An exhilarating ride through caverns and roaring waterfalls

Aquarabia’s prime attractions are expected to be the five rides that aim to break several world records:

  • Junoon Drop: Planned to be the world’s tallest water coaster, standing at a staggering height of 42.1m and spanning 515.5m in length
  • Slithereal: Expected to be the world’s longest slide wheel, approximately 315m long and 15.8m tall
  • Aquaticar: A novel underwater adventure ride, 2.7m deep, offering a breathtaking escapade lasting 4.5 minutes
  • Speedy Jamezales: Features the tallest drop on Earth, standing at 27.36m within a wild body ride, 148m long
  • Jamal Joom: The longest (232m) and tallest (21.96m) mat racer slide on Earth

Qiddiya City has pledged that 80% of operational waste will be recycled, and all water used for irrigation and cooling will be recycled once the park opens. In addition to these, Aquarabia is planned to offer 22 restaurants and cafes and 16 retail outlets, making it a comprehensive entertainment space in Qiddiya City.

The park is currently under development and is expected to open in 2025.

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