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As it was the day that Prophet Muhammad delivered his final sermon as he finished the Hajj toward the end of his life, Arafah (Arafat) day is important to Muslim pilgrims. It also celebrates the finality of Islam’s faith and divine revelation and is viewed as a day of forgiveness and repentance.

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Arafat Day 2023 date in Bahrain

Arafat falls on the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah (the month of Hajj) and on the second day of Hajj rituals. This year, Arafah day is expected to fall on 27 June 2023. Arafah Day takes place on the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage and is the day preceding the first day of the major Islamic Holiday of Eid ul Adha.

Arafat Day 2023 public holiday in Bahrain

Arafat is a public holiday in Bahrain. Most public institutions, such as schools, businesses, and government bodies will be expected to be closed that day.

How is Arafat Day observed in Bahrain?

To observe Arafat Day, Muslims in Bahrain would fast on the Day of Arafah in order to purify their souls in preparation for the heavenly reward of reaching Jannah (Paradise). Other than that, they would also do other good deeds such as chant holy prayers and duas to be forgiven for their sins from the previous year and those of the upcoming year, avoid the practice of harmful habits or act in an unfriendly manner, give to a good cause and make an extra effort to assist others, and recite, read, or simply listen to the Quran.


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