A four day long-weekend awaits Singaporeans in the month of August! With National Day and Hari Raya Haji falling with a weekend in-between, the days from 9-12 August present a great window to skip town for a short-trip away. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to keep the costs down despite airfares being slightly higher than usual due to the popularity of these travel dates. With the help of Wego, we have managed to put together affordable destinations for some rest and relaxation.

$413 to Bangkok

Bangkok remains perennially popular as a vacation spot for Singaporeans seeking a quick getaway. What’s not to love about this city? If you’re looking to truly relax, go for a traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho where this ancient art-form as been preserved for centuries. Spend some time rejuvenating among the country’s biggest gilded temples as well. The Thai people are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet, and you’ll definitely be meeting many people on Bangkok’s crowded streets! Whether its at Chatuchak where everything and anything made in Thailand can be found, or along the streets of a night market where mouth watering street-food of all kinds awaits your hungry stomachs, Bangkok’s street life is definitely one of the best in the world. Get direct tickets for $413, but hurry! These prices might just increase soon!

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$169 to Ho Chi Minh City

For a $169 round-trip ticket you can find yourself under the Saigon sun in a little over two hours. If you need some rejuvenation from the mundanity of your day-to-day workweek, the hyperactive city of Ho Chi Minh city will shock your senses back to life. With the honking of traffic and the voices of street vendors at every turn you take, there is never a dull moment in this city. Indulge your taste buds with a steaming bowl of pho or crunchy banh mi fresh from the grill. If you fancy something else, well, you’re in luck! Street food is practically a way of life here and choices abound aplenty. Attractions in the form of ornate pagodas or sites remembering the tragic Vietnam War can be found alongside towering skyscrapers and shopping malls. No two streets are the same in this city where the past and the present come together with a pulsing energy.

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$517 to Manilla

While it might sometimes get a bad rap, Manila is a city with soul, self-confidence and its fair share of beauty. A heritage of Spanish Catholicism means that it is not-so surprisingly populated with stunning churches and cathedrals. San Augustin Church is the oldest Christian site in the country and boasts a spiritually elevating Baroque interior and other heritage treasures. A culturally rich city beyond it’s Spanish past, the city’s own Metropolitan Museum is home to works by lauded Filipino masters while pre-Hispanic cultural artifacts can be found at The National Museum of the Filipino People. Manilla also boasts a thriving arts and music scene sure to please those in search of the hippest spots! $517 for tickets and there and back will certainly be money well spent for all true fans of South East Asia.

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$413 to Bali

If you’re seeking a bit of nature away from Singapore’s concrete jungle, Bali might just be perfect spot for you. This tropical paradise featuring the best of nature and culture is a popular tourist destination all year round. Sunbathe on a a stretch of warm white sand as you let the lulling waves caress your toes, or, if you prefer an activity that gets your heart-rate up, a trek through Bali’s lush jungles can will lead you to beautiful waterfalls and hidden natural enclaves. Hike to the top of the Mount Agung—the tallest volcano in Bali to watch the sunset, or scuba dive deep into the oceans for a glimpse of jewel-like coral reefs. If you desire a cultural experience, Bali’s ancient temples await with their iconic architecture. For a short layover, get a pair of round-trip tickets to Bali at $415.

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$200 to Kuala Lumpur

Your patriotic relatives might roll their eyes when they hear you’re taking a trip to Malaysia on National Day, but Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer those who seek an affordable destination for a short holiday. From glitzy air-conditioned malls to feasting under the sun on local street food, KL has something for everyone. Singaporeans are often intrigued when they see try familiar dishes only to discover that the flavours are uniquely Malaysian. If you’re looking for some nature, talk a hike through Bukit Nanas’ canopy walkways or jungle trails. Alternatively, those well-seasoned with the city of Kuala Lumpur might want to take a day trip into the Cameron Highlands for even more nature spots, gorgeous view of tea plantations and some fun with strawberry picking.

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*All prices above are accurate as of time published.