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In a groundbreaking move, Australia unveiled its new Migration Strategy on December 11, 2023, charting a visionary course for the nation’s migration system. Wego can report that the new migration strategy was unveiled at a formal event by the Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil. 

The comprehensive plan, shaped by input from businesses, unions, and stakeholders, encompasses 8 key actions and over 25 new policy commitments, signaling a significant overhaul informed by extensive consultations and a thorough Review of the Migration System.

The proposed reforms center on targeted skilled migration, introducing streamlined pathways for top global talent. Additionally, the strategy aims to uphold higher standards in international education by imposing stringent criteria for both international students and education providers, ultimately enhancing the quality of global education.

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Some of the key commitments towards international education include:

  • Stricter English language standards for international students
  • Intensified scrutiny of high-risk student visa applications
  • $19 million investment in visa integrity

The reforms also address onshore visa hopping, streamline Temporary Graduate visa settings, and emphasize support for international students and graduates to maximize their potential.

Addressing concerns of worker exploitation and safeguarding wages and conditions, the Migration Strategy proposes adjustments to visa settings. It also emphasizes bolstering support for regional Australia, facilitating swift access to skilled workers and contributing to the development of these areas.

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs plans to be in contact with key stakeholder groups to help the wider Australian community understand these changes, and release further information on these changes closer to the implementation date of each commitment.​ The new migration strategy is available on the official Australian immigration website.