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China continues to expand its visa waiver program, with Australia becoming the latest country granted easier access to the Asian nation, Wego reports. The announcement came during Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit to Australia on Monday, underscoring a significant milestone in bilateral relations.


During his visit, Premier Qiang declared, “We agreed to provide each other with reciprocal access to five-year multiple entry visas for tourism, business, and visiting family members to better facilitate personal exchanges. China will also include Australia in its visa waiver program.” This move reflects efforts to enhance ties between the two countries through increased travel and cultural exchange opportunities.

Under the new arrangement, Australian citizens will enjoy visa-free entry to China for visits lasting up to 15 days. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hailed the development as a renewal and revitalization of relations between Australia and China, emphasizing the potential benefits for both nations.

This initiative follows China’s recent steps to ease travel restrictions with other countries. Just last week, Premier Qiang announced a similar visa-free policy for New Zealand citizens. Currently, 14 nations, including Australia and New Zealand, benefit from China’s visa waiver program, enabling short-term stays for various purposes such as tourism, business, family visits, or transit.

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