Scary Travel Stories for Halloween

Sure you can visit a haunted house, attend flash Halloween parties, or explore the original ancient Celtic Halloween (known as Samhain) festivals in Ireland, but let’s face it, Halloween is all about getting downright scary. October 31st is about celebrating the... Read More

A journey from top to bottom, and back again

Over 562 days, almost two years, Charline Eberhardt, began a solo world trip that began in her hometown of Paris, stretching and zig-zagging across most of the world. Back in May, 2014, Wego caught up with Charline as she was part way through her journey which she... Read More

Wego hosts Singapore’s front-end developer community

This week, Wego opened up its doors to host the August meet-up of Singapore’s front-end developer community. The monthly Frontend TL;DR  event is hosted by some of Singapore’s most technically progressive and innovative companies providing a platform to... Read More

Around the world: 3 years in 4 minutes

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home” – Matsuo Batso. So concludes an epic video account of a journey that took three years and covered 60 countries. “We call this home” documents the adventures of New York City-based... Read More

Swimming in a sea of 750,000 plastic balls

What, no beach? Don’t worry, some creative geniuses from Brooklyn-based experimental studio, Snarkitecture, can create indoor oceans… without water! The clever people from Snarkitecture have designed a most unusual experience, recreating the... Read More

The untouched beauty of Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, just a short ferry ride from Perth, feels a world away from city life. Rottnest Island was separated from the Western Australian mainland around 7,000 years ago when the sea level rose. The first records of human occupation of Rottnest Island date... Read More

Australia’s winter wonderland

Snow-capped mountains and sensational ski resorts are not usually what comes to mind when you think of Australia. In the country’s southern state of Victoria however, there’s a virtual winter wonderland where crisp mountain air, blue skies and soft white... Read More

A-Z of adrenalin and thrills in Australia

Abseiling/Rock Climbing The Greater Blue Mountains in New South Wales, The Grampians and Bungonia State Recreation Area in Victoria and Ormiston Gorge in the Northern Territory are well known rock climbing sites. Federation Peak in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park... Read More

Sydney’s famous Bondi to Bronte walk

Sydney in summertime is all about its coastline, and few stretches are as iconic as the sea-sculpted section from Bondi to Bronte. Learn to surf at Bondi, join the beautiful people in Tamarama and swim in Bronte’s family-friendly rock pool.  See all three... Read More

Food and wine experiences in and around Melbourne

From inner city pubs, laneway hotspots, Asian eateries, country hotels, scenic wineries and rustic craft breweries, Victoria’s spectacular love affair with food and wine continues unabated. With new restaurants, bars and cafes popping up every week, the only... Read More

Chilling at the Takhini Hot Pools hair freezing contest

Bad hair day? Well we found a place where you might actually win a competition for that. At Takhini Hot Pools, located in the Yukon in north-western Canada, a unique competition is held each year requiring guests to create the craziest frozen hairdo possible. While... Read More

Bargain alert: Loads of Asia for under US$200

We’ve been anticipating its arrival and finally it’s here! AirAsia has officially introduced the ASEAN Pass connecting you with ten ASEAN countries for US$160, and around a month’s worth of flights. The countries linked include Malaysia, Brunei,... Read More

Air Asia abolishes fuel surcharge

Good news for travellers today as AirAsia announced the removal of fuel surcharges applied to all airlines within the carrier’s group including its low-cost, long-haul affiliates AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia X and Indonesia AirAsia X, to correspond with the fall in... Read More

Your public holiday calendars for 2015 – plan ahead!

Back in 2013, we did a study of travellers and found that the majority of you began planning your next holiday, within a couple of weeks upon returning from one. Psychological research confirming the existence of post holiday blues were somewhat eased by planning and... Read More

Unique Christmas gifts for travel lovers

Looking for something unique, unusual and perfect for this Christmas for your travel-loving friends? Wego has done all the hard work for you and discovered some real gems. In fact, we’re wondering how we’ve ever lived without some of these beauties. For the perfect... Read More

Best of #travelfail and #travelwin stories on Twitter

Have to thank @Aerohaveno for the heads up, but his Tweet about the #travelfail hashtag on Twitter being ‘quite entertaining’, saw us pouring through the litany of tagged travel disasters and hilarious Tweets. Needless to say we were also very amused.... Read More

The 12 Destinations of Christmas – Asia/Pacific style

It seems that no matter what religion is predominant in a country, Christmas is found everywhere in some form or another. We checked out some more unusual Christmas traditions around Asia and the Pacific, you may not be so familiar with. Indonesia Christmas is as... Read More

MAMILs, braggies and poshtels: WTM global travel trends

We love the insights into global travel trends revealed by the WTM (World Travel Market) Global Trends Report each year. Travel markets everywhere are consistently evolving and no one ever really quite knows where or what is happening next, but these reports give a... Read More

Indonesia removes visa requirements for 5 countries

If you’ve been to Bali, you know there’s always a mad flurry as you step off the plane to purchase your US$35 visa on arrival. Most visitors are well aware of the visa on arrival requirement, especially Bali’s most frequent holiday-makers; the... Read More

A sleeping in the sky festival

No, I’m not talking about sleeping in a lush first class cabin on a plane. In the Dolomite Mountains (Monte Piana) of Italy, each year thrill-seekers gather to sleep under the stars, in hammocks, hundreds of feet up in the air! The International Highline... Read More

The high tech passenger experience of the future

SITA’s Passenger IT Trends Survey for 2014 caught my eye the other day.  It’s quite a fascinating area of research; just how high tech will flying become for passengers of the future? Here’s a little insight. It appears that overall current passenger... Read More

Wego, redesigned for iPhone iOS 7

We’ve been overwhelmed by the speed in which travellers everywhere have adopted Wego’s travel app, available free for both iOS and Android. We’re all about making travel planning fast, simple and most importantly, giving you the most comprehensive online travel search... Read More

A strange fish

Another finalist in the ‘Wego Life-changing Travel Stories from the Philippines’ competition, Edwin Castillon takes us under the sea to encounter one of the most spectacular dive experiences, near Cebu.  Tugdug . . . Tug . dug . . . . . . Tug . . . dug . .... Read More

Thailand’s floating football pitch

What happens when your island is so small there’s no room for a football pitch? Build a floating one of course! On the tiny island of Koh Panyi off the coast of southern Thailand, a group of passionate football-loving fishermen, wouldn’t let the lack of... Read More

Around the world with Banksy

Said to hail from Bristol in the UK, the mysterious and illusive Banksy creeps around the world creating his unique style of graffiti on bare and often ugly old walls in a variety of city streets. His images are wistful, rebellious and thought provoking, often... Read More

Flying standing up

All passengers, please turn off your electrical devices and be upstanding for the duration of your flight. This week the concept of installing bicycle-like seats on aircraft is flying full speed around the travel trade world. The concept is not a new one having been... Read More

Travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without

It may have been a material world in the 1980s but should Madonna be writing that song today she may rename it ‘mobile world’. The tech world is buzzing with hives of developers working night and day to come up with the next new app that we’ll wonder... Read More

How to Climb a Tree

As second runner-up in Wego’s life-changing travel story contest, the judges were completely enchanted with Amanda Lago’s ‘How to climb a tree’. Amanda shares a visit of the stunning and unique Balete tree that soars hundreds of feet into the... Read More