Life is Suite in London

London is in a jolly good mood and so am I. The sun is shining both literally and figuratively upon the English capital, which is finally shrugging off the Global Financial Crisis and the last remnants of winter. And the sun is shining on me too, having just checked... Read More

The rebirth of Christchurch, New Zealand

There are seven men to every woman in Christchurch. A salacious fact onto which I clutched as tightly as my passport as I flew across the Tasman at the weekend. Six years ago, I saw my first ever fortune teller who emphatically predicted that not only would I meet a... Read More

A wee gin in Glasgow

I am utterly incapable of finding my way around a map, let alone the world, constantly confusing my north with my south, and in the global game in which you have a 50 percent chance of heading in the right direction, I always get it wrong. I do, however, possess an... Read More

Mamma Mia… Here I go again

It’s been 40 years this year since a group of Swedish musicians took the world by storm winning the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Waterloo’, in 1974. We welcome our newest contributor to Wego’s Travel Editor’s Desk – award-winning... Read More