Diving Sabah’s other side

Most divers associate Malaysia’s Sabah on Borneo with the Galapagos-like Sipadan Island and the muck diving on the eastern coast in the Celebes Sea. But it’s not the only diving gig in Sabah. Just ten minutes from Kota Kinabalu on the western coast is a little... Read More

Diving Bali

To most of us Bali is a place for sun and surf with just a hint of the exotic and wonderful spicy (but not too spicy) food like nasi goreng thrown in for good measure. But what about the diving? There are stories about the fabled Mola Mola, giant sunfish that arise... Read More

A day’s diving in Cocos Keeling Islands

Close your eyes and imagine Paradise, what image does that word conjure up? I’m guessing a tropical island, with a few small fluffy white clouds drifting across an otherwise unbroken blue sky, a huddle of coconut trees, and aquamarine waters lapping gently on... Read More

Diving with sharks at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

“Are you scared of swimming with sharks? There’s really no need. It’s all in the mind.” So says our dive guide Joeli, who has been diving with sharks almost as long as I’ve been diving. Joeli is taking us for a sneak preview of a new shark dive in Beqa Lagoon in... Read More