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Updated March 2024

Bahrain is a small island nation with an exciting culture and beautiful landscapes. It has modernized considerably, offering visitors ancient attractions alongside contemporary skyscrapers and shopping centers. However, citizens or residents of Bahrain must obtain a valid Bahrain ID which holds significant importance.

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Bahrain ID card

The Bahrain ID card stands as the exclusive and official identity document universally acknowledged by both governmental and non-governmental entities within the esteemed Kingdom of Bahrain. This essential identification card, granted by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, serves both citizens and residents.

Valid for a duration of 5 years starting from the date of issuance, the card incorporates a multitude of advanced technical and security features that effectively thwart any attempts of tampering. Among these measures, a microchip securely stores all pertinent individual details. On the front side of the card, alongside vital information like the individual’s name, nationality, and the national flag, a unique 9-digit personal number further distinguishes each cardholder.

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Bahrain ID card photo size and requirements

When you apply for a new or renewed ID card in Bahrain, you need to provide a recent photo that meets the following specifications:

  • the photo must have a grey color background with Red, Green, Blue (RGB) 168, 168, 168
  • the photo must be no more than 6-months old
  • the applicant photo must show a close-up of the head and the top of the shoulder. The face should take up 70-80% of the photograph
  • the face must not be covered by hair or any accessories. The eyes must be open and clearly visible
  • the applicant must be facing forward and looking directly at the camera showing both edges of the face
  • the photo must not be over/under-exposed or have red eyes or flash reflections
  • it must not be modified or enhanced in any way using Photoshop or any editing software
  • the photo dimensions must be at least 240 Pixels wide by 320 Pixels height as a smaller photo size will be rejected
  • the photo should keep a proportion of 3 x 4 (width x height)
  • photos resolution should be 300 DPI
  • the image size should not exceed 3 MB

In the case of children under the age of 5, it is not mandatory for them to maintain direct eye contact with the camera when capturing their photo for official purposes. Furthermore, children under the age of 1 are not required to keep their eyes open during the photo-taking process. However, please note that if the child’s head is being supported by a hand, the hand itself should not be visible in the final photo.

Bahrain ID number

The 9-digit personal number imprinted on the front side of the Bahrain ID card serves as an unparalleled identifier for every individual. This distinctive code plays a crucial role in distinguishing individuals across a wide array of governmental and non-governmental organizations within the Kingdom of Bahrain. It empowers individuals with the ability to effortlessly avail government services and exercise their right to vote in parliamentary as well as municipal elections.

Bahrain ID card application process

Here are the steps to issue a new Bahrain ID card:

  • visit the Information and eGovernment Authority website and enter the Identity Card Services
  • select the ID Card Issuance and Renewal Services
  • the fee for issuing a new ID card for Bahraini citizens is BD 2
  • the estimated time to receive the card is 3 working days
  • you will need to have a valid passport to apply for a new ID card

Bahrain ID fees

The cost of acquiring and renewing an ID card differs based on age and nationality. The official government portal of Bahrain lists the applicable fees:

  • Bahrainis:
    • first issue of identity card: BD 2
    • renewal of identity card: BD 2
    • first issuance and renewal of identity card if the owner of the identity card is 60 years or above: BD 1
    • replacement for lost identity card: BD 4
    • information update: BD 1
  • Non-Bahrainis:
    • first issuance of identity card for children below 10 years: BD 10
    • first issuance of identity card for employees registered in LMRA: Free
    • renewal of identity card: BD 10
    • replacement for lost identity card: BD 10
    • chip details update: BD 1


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