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As reported by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), new electronic services for permits for domestic employees were introduced on 1 July 2024, Wego reports. With this program, employers can manage transactions through the Expatriate Management System (EMS) online, eliminating the requirement to visit the LMRA in person.

Employers may still choose to apply in person at any LMRA branch, as per their preference.


According to LMRA CEO Nibras Talib, the launch of these electronic services is in keeping with the authority’s goal of improving service quality and assisting the government in streamlining administrative procedures.

Employers can now use the Advanced e-Key from the Information & eGovernment Authority to control every aspect of domestic employee permits through the EMS. This includes hiring more domestic workers, modifying their occupations, and granting, rescinding, or renewing work permits. 

Additionally, businesses have the option to pay costs online with debit or credit cards and authorize requests from domestic employee recruitment offices. They also have access to information about work permits and legal statuses, their roster of employees, and the status of their transactions. 

These enhancements are a component of the LMRA’s continuous efforts to re-engineer processes and go digital. It is crucial to remember that the LMRA had previously made it easier for licensed employment offices to apply for domestic employee licenses by streamlining the application procedure. This allowed the offices to perform transactions electronically without visiting any government offices.