Just as the butterfly emerges from a cocoon to become a beautiful and exotic creature, so too do we aspire to become someone special as we traverse through life.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts use this analogy of the butterfly as the theme for their new Global Spa concept ”“ eforea: Spa at Hilton. You can cocoon yourself in the sanctuary of an eforea Spa and emerge feeling lighter, brighter and all butterfly-like. After all, when you go to a Spa, your number one goal is to leave feeling and looking better than when we went in. Simple really.

And that’s exactly what Hilton Hotels & Resorts have done. They have spent nearly two years developing a Spa concept that brings rejuvenation to your body, so you emerge in a better state than when you went in. Designed to cater for everyone around the globe, eforea: Spa at Hilton satisfies the desires of even the most discerning Spa-goer. They have drilled down to the core market and the individual needs of this market and created a concept that is right on the money. They have kept it simple and, at the risk of sounding clich©d, they have kept it real. No intimidating spiritual awakening, no complicated treatment menus, no myriad of beliefs from the past, just a new concept to take us into the future of Spa.

Tyra Lowman, director of Spa Brands, Hilton Worldwide, says, “It was a no-brainer to develop a Spa brand to meet our guests’ needs on a global level. At the centre of the eforea concept are three signature Spa journeys that pair a therapeutic approach with transformative journeys of the senses.

“Each journey is comprised of a selection of face, body and massage treatments, with add-in options. What’s unique about these journeys is that they can be completely personalised to suit you. So you can have an organic experience, bringing balance and wellness to your body, coupled with a high-tech treatment to give you instant results. Treatments with a purpose, not just a pamper.”

The Journey on the Outside

Before you lay face down on a comfortable treatment bed in anticipation of the state of relaxation that is about to wash through you, the eforea concept is that you arrive for your treatment already relaxed. From the second you step into an eforea Spa, your transformative journey begins.

The Spa itself has been carefully designed to take you further and further from the real world and into the wonderful word of ’you’, with ruling planets Relaxation and Bliss. As you move from one space to the next – from the reception area to the change rooms to the relaxation lounge – each space takes you on a subliminal journey of relaxation, using lighting, aroma and music. You don’t have to force it to happen, it just does.

The Journey Within

Once you arrive at your treatment room, your real journey begins. There are three different journeys from which to choose:

1. The Essentials Journey, featuring Kerstin Florian products, along with a Signature Correcting Facial featuring microcurrent technology. This unique treatment marries potent botanicals, cosmeceutical ingredients and advanced, non-invasive facelift technology. If you want instant results, this is the journey for you!

2. The Escape Journey is a set of holistic experiences that fuse organic plant ingredients with traditional healing practices using products from the Australian indigenous organic range, LI’TYA.

3. Finally, making men a priority instead of an afterthought, the team at Hilton has created its custom Men’s Journey, a collection of goal-driven treatments engineered specifically for men. In a typical Spa environment, 90% of the clientele is female, yet at Hilton Hotels & Resorts, men comprise 30% of the clients, hence the need to cater specifically to their needs. The product line used is not a repackaged female product but another Aussie brand, VitaMan, developed specifically for men.

According to Clare Matthews, founder of VitaMan, “the eforea Spa concept really pays tribute to their male clients. They have really thought about men in their offering, rather than men being an afterthought. Right down to the language they use in the menus, the male clients are going to feel so welcome.”

Butterflies in Suits

“Travellers need to take time to relax”¦ to find some harmony and some health. And of course, happiness.”Dave Horton, Global Head, Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Business trips are usually synonymous with back-to-back meetings, poor food choices, late nights and very little time out. Yet if there is a time when you need to focus on your wellbeing, it’s when travelling on business. Rather than throwing all positive lifestyle choices out the window with the excuse ’I’m travelling for work, I can’t possibly maintain a healthy lifestyle!’, Hilton Hotels & Resorts now make this line of thought redundant. They want their guests to leave feeling new, or at least improved!

Since eforea is a global concept, regardless of the destination, the three journeys are consistent. So if you embark on your journey in Australia, you can continue it in Eastern Europe or Singapore or any of the 123 Hilton Hotels & Resorts around the globe. There is something comforting about knowing what to expect, and enjoying familiarity when you are away from home. The analogy of the cocoon is not lost!

In addition, each eforea: Spa at Hilton embraces local tradition, so if you want to experience a treatment with a local influence, such as a Thai massage or a Turkish Hammam, you certainly can, as 80% of the treatment will be consistent the world over, while the balance of the menu embraces indigenous therapies relevant to that part of the world.

So business travellers, shed that suit, don a robe, and allow yourself to take a journey that promises you will emerge brighter.

eforea: Spa at Hilton will unveil slowly across the globe, with the first eforea Spa launched in Short Hills, New Jersey, USA, to be soon followed by openings in Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the Maldives.