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Imagine spending luxurious seclusion in tents filled with high-end amenities set up among ancient sand dunes, previously undiscovered bays and even in the depths of rugged gorges. No need to worry about missing out in terms of culinary delights as well, since most glampsites are capable of conjuring up top-notch delicacies befitting the occasion.

All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy your dinner with your feet buried in the desert sand, under the gentle light of the glowing torches and surrounded by the dramatic landscape.

Here are our top 10 picks for a memorable glamping experience in the UAE. 

Hatta Sedr Trailers, Dubai

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For a rugged yet chic desert escape, make a reservation at the Hatta Sedr Trailers. The town of Hatta offers the first hotel trailers in the region, allowing visitors to camp on the banks of the Hatta Dam in luxury retro-trailers. 

Hatta Sedr Trailers offer everything from flat-screen televisions and comfortable beds, to modern bathrooms and Wi-Fi connection. You’ll also enjoy kicking back at your private terrace as the gentle breeze and view of the mountains lull you into a sense of peace. 

Also, Hatta Wadi Hub is a mere stone’s throw where you can partake in cycling and hiking in the mountains and other fun activities.


Hatta Damani Lodges Resort, Dubai

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Descend up the mountains of Hatta, and you’ll find the Damani Lodges Resort awaits. The lodges are spacious enough to accommodate up to two adults and two children, with the interiors meeting Dubai’s high standards of comfort. Although no kitchen is available within any of the lodges, the campfire grill proves to be an adequate substitute. You can get supplies from the food trucks at the nearby Hatta Wadi Hub, or simply have food delivered to you directly from the restaurant.


Mysk Al Faya Retreat, Sharjah

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Visiting the region of Mleiha in Sharjah means visiting a perpetual desert where time seems to crawl to a halt. With its bronze age tombs, prehistoric caves and pre-Islamic forts, the Al Faya Retreat would make a perfect hub to base your exploration of this World Heritage Site nominee.

Rising out of the dunes, this glampsite offers glimpses into the authentic lifestyle of the Bedouin people, such as access to a desert footpath frequented by these desert dwellers, barbecues under the desert stars as well as late-night bonfires where the timeless stories of the Bedouins are passionately retold.  

The Al Faya retreat allows one to immerse themselves in the mystique of the desert without forgoing modern conveniences such as salt water pool, spa, restaurant and even a library.


Magic Camps, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Dubai

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Magic Arabia Private Camps provides their patrons with a bespoke desert glamping experience in the region of their choosing. Whether on the edge of the deserts of Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, Liwa and even the Hatta mountains in Dubai, the magic unfurls where you want it.

The high-end accommodations are designed in the style of traditional Bedouin tents, equipped with exquisite Arab furniture and fabrics promising an authentic Bedouin atmosphere. The spacious tents feature luxurious beds including duvets and pillows complete with private bathrooms, toilets and showers. Lavender scented candles and fresh mint tea further sets the mood as the red and gold sand dunes sparkle on the horizon.  


Starlight Camp, Dubai

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This pop-up starlight camp is a hit among couples looking for that closest-to-nature experience. If you find the idea of dozing off into the night accompanied by the twinkling stars and waking up to the gentle sunrise appealing, the Starlight Camp is a not-to-be-missed experience.

Smack dab within a naturally occurring amphitheater in the Arabian desert, the celestial camp is a mere stone’s throw from the glittering Dubai. The camp consists of a spacious, see-through crystal roof tent, a chic lounge allowing couples to cozy up near the fire, a comfy dining area and BBQ facility, and a fully functioning outdoor toilet and shower along with other additional amenities. 


Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Bedouin Camp, Abu Dhabi

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Under the management of one of the world’s leading luxury hotels, the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Bedouin Camp offers a desert glamping experience revolving around the stunning Liwa Oasis. 

This luxury Bedouin camp is set on the edge of the Rub Al Khali desert, a vast stretch of uninterrupted sand that has bested countless kings and vagabonds alike. Although it may sound daunting, the experience is perfectly safe and enjoyable as the seemingly infinite nothingness allows for practically zero light pollution, making it ideal for stargazing and camping of the luxurious kind.

Numerous tents are available upon request, with a bespoke culinary experience and entertainment. Some of the more popular forms of entertainment include falconry shows and night desert excursions.   


Bab Al Nojoum at Hudayriat Island, Abu Dhabi

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A combination of desert, beach and a slew of fun activities; a stay at Bab Al Nojoum means taking full advantage of the Hudayriat Leisure and Entertainment District’s integrated glamping experience. 

Experience the tranquility of nature from the accommodation of your choosing. You can opt for the eco-chic, impeccably designed beachside lodges or experience crashing the night at a refurbished vintage camper van fully equipped with all the necessary camping gear.

The island also features an extensive list of activities extending to non-motorized watersports, beach activities, fitness and wellness as well as kid-friendly recreational programs.


Bianky Beach Camp, Ajman

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Another entry into the beach glamp category, Bianky Beach Camp provides a number of beachside accommodations at a modest budget. Choose between cabana-like tents and huts with direct access to the beach and a sizeable outdoor swimming pool. 

The on-site restaurant offers seafood and international cuisines, with an open kitchen allowing guests to cook their own meals if they so desire. Other facilities include a mini-market, BBQ area and water sporting activities.


The Retreat, Fujairah

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In need of a detox, digital or otherwise? The Retreat lodge in Al Bidya, Fujairah will make it that much easier for you to get off the grid and immerse yourself in nature. The available tents are quite spacious and can easily accommodate families or groups of friends looking to take in the camp’s verdant landscape. Hot showers are available by way of its solar heaters while wastewater is immediately recycled for irrigation purposes. Good thing too, as the available cuisines consist entirely of organic items such as fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on-site.


Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Sharjah

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Taking advantage of the beauty of Sharjah’s east coast, the Kingfisher Retreat boasts a seaside getaway in a unique world of conservation and culture. Guests are ferried over to a private island on the Indian Ocean where their exquisite private tents await. The beauty of the Indian ocean is clearly reflected on the tent’s interiors of soft beiges, blues and desert browns. Guests are also welcome to avail themselves in the private pool impeccably designed to maximize comfort and privacy with the Indian Ocean serving as the backdrop. 

Other facilities include a viewing deck, spa, restaurant and lounge.