It’s so refreshing to discover a hotel that boasts more than just clean sheets and a flat screen TV. Brazil’s UXUA Casa Hotel has all the romance of a Hemingway novel and then some.

Located in a 16th century town on Brazil’s dreamy southern coastline, the hotel is made up of charmingly restored fishermen’s houses. Each one to three bedroom ‘casa’ was designed by Wilbert Das, Creative Director and Head of Design for the Italian fashion label Diesel for around fifteen years.

“Throughout the process of creating UXUA we stayed motivated by the idea of having guests staying next door to natives who still live in the Quadrado and who have been more than welcoming to us since the first day we arrived,” said Das.

The design combines rustic elements using traditional building methods, reclaimed materials and fusing them with contemporary comforts, all decorated with Brazilian antiques and art. This unique easthetic has been called rustic modernism by international design magazines. Taking full advantage of the tropical climate both indoor and outdoor areas are both spacious and inspiring.

Every element of the design has been carefully thought through and in some cases incredibly innovative. Sinks, baths and showers are carved from fallen tree trunks; roof-tiles, floorboards and doors hail from old farmhouses; sofas upholstered with canvas from old transport trucks; kitchen utensils carved from coconut shells by local Bahian cowboys; LED television screens framed by antique travel trunks, even the beach lounge is built from old fishing boats that lay grounded on the beach.

Casa features include: full kitchens, private gardens, indoor / outdoor living rooms, open-air bathrooms, king-size beds, wireless internet, satellite television. Some casas include private plunge pools, Jacuzzis, hanging terraces, as well as private dining space on the historic Quadrado.

Naturally a regular swimming pool would never be appropriate for such a unique property. UXUA’s pool is made up of 40,000 pieces of green aventurine quartz which is native to the area and believed to be one of the most therapeutic minerals in the world.

Bahian food, with a heavy African influence, is prepared in the hotel’s open kitchen with welcoming chefs happy to chat to guests about their fresh ingredients and local cooking knowhow while they prepare mouthwatering dishes.

Artists, photographers and writers from all around the world regularly visit UXUA to find new inspiration or just take in the tranquility and colour of this incredibly beautiful location. If you ever have the opportunity to experience this amazing property make sure you do so. Like everyone else, you’ll more than likely return again and again.

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