I’ll Have the Cricket, Please: A Musing On Bizarre Foods

A highlight of any trip happens when you encounter a dish or delicacy that changes the expression on your face. Not to elation, but confusion, reluctance and, most of the time, disgust. Food is a great representation of cultures all over the world, and the clash with... Read More

Wego’s 2019 Calendar for Public Holidays in Malaysia

Public holidays in Malaysia are observed differently in each individual state. In 2019, Malaysian will have 11 official national public holidays. Check out Wego’s 2019 Calendar for Public Holidays in Malaysia to help you plan vacation effortlessly. Of course,... Read More

Wego’s 2019 Calendar for Public Holidays in Singapore

At Wego, we take our holidays very seriously. So we did the math and have figured out all the long weekends and public holidays in 2019 that can be converted into mini-vacations with one fell swoop. Download the free printable. (A4 supported) Plan your vacation early... Read More

What’s Wrong With Looking Like a Tourist?

“You look like a tourist.” There are many ways you can lightly—or not so lightly—take a jab at someone’s fashion sense and telling them they look like a tourist ranks pretty high on that list. Yet, it goes deeper than sartorial choices. The word... Read More

Throw Away Your Itinerary: Here’s Why

I love travel. I eat, breathe, sleep and consume every aspect of it. But what I hate, my friends, is the pressure of two things: travel itineraries and a companion who MUST stick by one. The crushing burden of ticking off a list and seeing this fountain, or that... Read More