Stories about the kingdom of Cappadocia in Turkey extend back to Roman times. Alexander the Great attempted to rule the region, but was pushed out by a Persian aristocrat, until eventually Rome took over. Early Christians built underground cities with traps akin to Indiana Jones’ films to protect themselves before Christianity became an accepted religion, but it wasn’t until the 12th century that Cappadocia came under Turkish rule. Countless tales of long lost empires and adventurous journeys connected to what is a dramatic and very beautiful landscape attract travellers from all corners of the globe.

Ancient volcanoes have resulted in a spectacular natural vista of rocky pillars, referred to as fairy chimneys, and walls of easily carved volcanic rock that villagers would make their homes, churches and monasteries. It is in this way that the unique Yunak Evleri Hotel is styled.

Carved into an enormous mountain side the hotel has six cave houses, 30 rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, and a 19th century Greek mansion. Rooms are as diverse as the surrounding countryside ranging from exotic luxury caves to multi-chamber deluxe suites with warm hardwood floors, creamy whitewashed walls, a CD player for musical ambience along with modern comforts like spacious marble bathrooms, or in the suites; Swedish jet and stream showers with Jacuzzi.

Each ’cave house’ is decorated in its own distinct way with local hand-crafted furnishings, antiques and all have their own private terrace that overlooking the rugged Turkish landscape. A labyrinth of narrow passageways and curved stone staircases link the rooms and sunset gatherings will have you reclining on Turkish pillows in front of an outdoor fireplace.

’Yunak’ originates from ancient times when women gathered at the fountain to wash clothes, making it the centre of daily life. Appropriately the hotel is situated at the centre of the stunning Cappadocia region, a perfect spot to base yourself as you explore this fascinating land.

Hot-air ballooning is a popular pursuit and an incredible way to silently float above these unique spiraling rock formations, beautiful valleys and vineyards. You can also take a walking tour past free flowing streams and hidden pathways, intimately experiencing the natural environment and visit a traditional Cappadocia village. Mount a horse or a bicycle to cover a little bit more and see the rock-carved churches, the Goreme Open Air museum or visit one of the enchanting vineyards.

Fly into Istanbul and take a domestic flight to either Nevsehir or Kayseri Airport, both are closest to the hotel and the Yunak Evleri Hotel provides free airport transfers from both to the hotel. Many buses can take you to the Cappadocia region, air-conditioned and most comfortable. It’s a good way to see the countryside too.

Cappadocia is certainly worthy of addition to any bucket-list, and the Yunak Evleri Hotel an experience you shouldn’t miss.

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