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In a bid to enhance international relations and encourage tourism and business exchanges, China has announced an expansion of its visa-free policy, Wego reports. Starting 1 July 2024, holders of ordinary passports from New Zealand and Poland will be eligible to enter China without a visa for a trial period lasting until 31 December 2025. This initiative aims to facilitate easier travel for citizens of these countries, promoting economic and cultural exchanges.


The visa-free access will allow citizens from New Zealand and Poland to stay in China for up to 15 days per entry, covering purposes such as tourism, business activities, visiting relatives, and transit. However, travelers who do not meet the specified conditions for visa-free entry must continue to apply for a visa through Chinese diplomatic missions prior to their arrival.

Following China’s recent efforts to broaden its visa waiver program to include Australia, this expansion highlights China’s dedication to strengthening relationships with key global partners and enhancing mutual understanding through increased interpersonal interactions.

Travelers and stakeholders in tourism and business sectors from New Zealand and Poland have welcomed the move, anticipating positive impacts on bilateral relations and tourism flows. As the trial period approaches, both countries are expected to see heightened interest in travel to China, potentially boosting tourism revenues and facilitating new business opportunities across borders.

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