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To expand healthcare access and promote fairness within the workforce, Saudi Arabia has introduced mandatory health insurance for domestic workers employed by households with more than four staff, Wego reports. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the new regulation, implemented by the Saudi Council of Health Insurance (CHI) and the Insurance Authority (IA), took effect on 1 July 2024. This new regulation underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare for all residents.

The Saudi Council of Health Insurance (CHI) and the Insurance Authority (IA) aim to promote fairness, transparency, and high performance for all parties involved. They have started implementing this policy as part of their ongoing effort to ensure that everyone has access to comprehensive healthcare and preventive services. 

This policy aims to achieve greater equity and transparency for both employers and domestic workers. The CHI and IA view this initiative as an extension of their ongoing efforts to ensure everyone can access essential preventive and curative healthcare services.

Iman Al-Tariqi, the official spokesperson of the Council of Health Insurance (CHI), said that the domestic workers’ insurance policy includes primary care, public health, and emergency cases and covers hospitalization without a deductible rate. It also covers emergency cases for clinics with unlimited visits, vaccinations, and examinations.

To obtain the benefits and coverage outlined in the policy, employers will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • submit a medical disclosure form for each domestic worker
  • secure approval from the chosen health insurance provider
  • enroll all domestic workers employed in the household

The overarching goals of this policy are twofold:

  • attain comprehensive healthcare: By ensuring domestic workers have access to medical services, the policy promotes overall public health and a sustainable healthcare system
  • motivate improved service: The increased demand for healthcare services is expected to incentivize healthcare providers and insurance companies to enhance their offerings and deliver better service to the public

This initiative represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and robust healthcare system in Saudi Arabia.