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Updated December 2023

The UAE is witnessing a new trend brewing in its beverage industry, with the rise of several unique breweries, offering new and diverse options of locally crafted drinks. The newest addition to this growing industry is Craft by Side Hustle, set to be the first brewery based on Abu Dhabi’s famed Al Maryah Island. 

Read on as Wego outlines everything you need to know about this unique offering.

What is Craft by Side Hustle?

Craft by Side Hustle, a brewery cum restaurant, is a venture by Side Hustle, a craft-hops brand that originated in Abu Dhabi. The brand is known for its alcoholic beverage offerings, including IPAs, lagers, and seasonal varieties available across the UAE and onboard Etihad Airways flights. 

Craft by Side Hustle will be equipped to accommodate 250 guests. It will be built with a focus on adopting an artisanal philosophy and a worldwide outlook to introduce distinctive flavours from various parts of the world.

Furthermore, most of Side Hustle’s retail line beverages, including IPAs and lagers such as “Slipstream”, “Sandstorm”, and “Clear Skies”, amongst many others, are expected to be barreled on-site and served to customers. Complementing the beverages, a menu featuring Southern Louisiana-style tastes will be offered.

Moreover, Side Hustle will also establish a dedicated production facility and a tasting room experience at Craft.

Abu Dhabi alcohol regulations

In 2021, Abu Dhabi introduced a rule change that enabled holders of alcohol licenses to ferment alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption. This noteworthy development permitted license holders to craft beverages on-site for consumption in licensed establishments.

The favourable laws have paved the way for Craft by Side Hustle to establish its presence. Consequently, there has been a surge in the establishment of breweries, particularly in sought-after areas like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Craft by Side Hustle location

Craft by Side Hustle will be the first brewery to be situated at The Galleria Al Maryah Island. Situated alongside renowned establishments such as 99 Sushi, Zuma, and Nusr-Et Steakhouse, this brewery is poised to enhance the culinary landscape of the vibrant district.

Craft by Side Hustle registrations

Reservations for the brewery are poised to go underway on 23 December 2023, offering a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to secure a spot during the initial weeks, while the venue will still be in a soft opening phase. Given the limited availability, those eager to be among the first to experience it firsthand should mark their calendars to snap up a reservation.

The infusion of distinctive craft beers, coupled with the delectable offerings of Southern Louisiana-inspired cuisine, enhances the overall allure of Craft by Side Hustle, making it a soon-to-be hotspot in Abu Dhabi.

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