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Updated November 2023

Saudi Arabia is known as the spiritual home of Islam, as well as for being the host to rich cultural attractions that includes 11 grand celebratory Saudi Seasons. One of these seasons is the Diriyah Season, an exciting event that includes international sports and entertainment events held at Diriyah, a UNESCO heritage site in Saudi Arabia.

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If you, like everyone else, are looking forward to know more about this year’s Diriyah Season, keep reading.

What is the Diriyah Season?

The historic city of Diriyah is a well-known UNESCO world heritage site in the KSA. The city is also destined to become a top-notch lifestyle destination with Saudi’s historic development city project, the Diriyah gate, which will feature a collection of museums and cultural attractions, luxury retail, luxury hotels, resorts and dining experiences.

The Diriyah Season is primarily a city-wide celebration of the city in itself. It is one of the many initiatives taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to boost economic and tourist activity, focusing on non-religious tourism. As Saudi Arabia moves towards a progressive future, the Diriyah Season makes up the Saudi Seasons along with the other countrywide seasons that align with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Vision 2030.

Diriyah Season 2023 dates

Diriyah Season 2023 will begin in December 2023.

What events can we expect from the Diriyah Season?

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Diriyah Doors Exhibition

Date: January 2024
Location: Al-Turaif

The Diriyah Doors exhibition in January 2024 will unlock your curiosity about the culture of Diriyah and the Najd region. It invites you to explore and contemplate the significance, symbolism, and legacy behind the intricately designed and colorful doors of the region. These Nadji doors are revered as iconic architectural and artistic elements. Curated by Dr. Eiman Eljibreen, an art historian, and featuring renowned artist Ali Alruzaiza, this exhibition aims to shed new light on these historical treasures and highlight the rich cultural heritage of Diriyah. The exhibition will showcase doors from private collections, as well as newly commissioned artworks inspired by Diriyah’s legacy, created by significant artists from Diriyah and its diaspora. Additionally, there will be a series of talks and workshops for those interested in the arts.

Almuraidi’s Escape Room

Date: December 2023
Location: Muntazah Park

Can you escape from the ‘Journey of Mane’a Almuraidi’ themed Escape Room during the Diriyah Season in December 2023? Gather your friends or family and embark on a quest to follow the footsteps of Mane’a Almuraidi, the oldest ancestor of the House of Al Saud. This immersive experience promises to test your escape skills and expand your knowledge of the Kingdom’s historical tales. Get ready for an unforgettable journey.

Cultural Concert Series

Date: December 2023
Location: Mayadeen Theater

Diriyah Season kicks off with a series of cultural concerts in December 2023, promising to captivate live music and performance enthusiasts. Each weekend throughout December, four beloved Saudi music artists will perform in Diriyah for one night only. This intimate venue offers the perfect cultural setting for an enchanting evening, featuring the artists’ best works and the timeless sound of Samri, complemented by a spectacular stage design. Get ready for an unmissable evening of musical and cultural exchange.

Nuzul Experience

Date: December 2023
Location: Al-Turaif

Transport yourself back in time and immerse in the daily life of At-Turaif during the First Saudi State through a series of immersive theatrical performances. Stroll down ‘Nuzul Street,’ pushing the doors of mudbrick houses, each representing a different aspect of life as it was three centuries ago. From shopping in the souk to experiencing an 18th-century-style school and doctor’s surgery, ‘Nuzul’ was a favorite during At-Turaif’s opening season and now returns with an expanded narrative for Diriyah Season.

Arabian Horse Show

Date: December 2023
Location: Al-Turaif

Witness the grandeur of the Arabian Horse, an emblem of strength, grace, and sensitivity, live in the Horse Arena. This ancient breed, believed to have a five-millennia history across the Arabian Peninsula, will leave you in awe. After the show, consider a visit to the Arabian Horse Gallery to delve into the distinctive features that make this horse significant in the history of Diriyah and Saudi culture.

Roots Cultural Basecamp

Date: December 2023
Location: Wadi Safar

Explore more during Diriyah Season by venturing off the beaten path to Roots Cultural Basecamp, an outdoor adventure center set in the rugged and unspoiled natural landscapes of Wadi Safar. Located a short drive from central Riyadh, this basecamp provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, you can slow down, reconnect with nature, and satisfy your cultural curiosity. The basecamp offers a range of hands-on outdoor activities for all ages and interests, including equestrian experiences, farming activities, and astronomy programs. Through its diverse program, Roots Cultural Basecamp celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of this lesser-known part of Diriyah, promoting a love for the environment, well-being, teamwork, and communication.

For more event details, please consult the official website of Diriyah Season.

Diriyah Season 2023 tickets

Tickets for Diriyah Season 2023 will be on sale from December 1, 2023.


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