This summer, a sweet escape awaits the jet setters amidst the zestful hues in the Land of Distant Sunsets or Al al-Maghrib.

Morocco, a cauldron of cultural medley since time immemorial, offers a unique blend of sunshine all year round and an array of splendid beaches. Our itinerary takes you to the heart of Morocco’s beachside Agadir, a perfect destination for a sun-soaked vacation.

Indulge in local cuisines and artisanal knickknacks, immersing yourself in the aura of Safi’s cultural blend that echoes through centuries of dynasties. Let this experience transport you back in time, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Vitality takes a bold new face in the Atlantic port city of Agadir in southwestern Morocco. Nestled on the Atlantic coastline, Agadir is rich in culture, history and leisure activities due to its advantageous location.

Sublime beaches of Agadir

The sun finds a way to shine upon the beaches and city of Agadir no matter the season. Softened by the gentle trade winds, it creates a perfect guzzling atmosphere to slumber and escape the hustle and bustle of life.

The various beaches of Agadir cater to different moods and whims. You just have to pick one, or visit them all through your time here.

Agadir Beach (Plage d’Agadir) naturally is the one most people flock to. Sunbathers, camel riders, surfboarders, children playing are some of the most common sights at this popular beach. With plenty of watersports and activities on offer coupled with a mellow water that’s safe for swimming, Agadir Beach hits the sweet spot for families and adventurers alike looking for some sun and sand action.

The promenade is dotted with cafés and restaurants that sparkle brightest at sundown, beckoning you to give the local delicacies a try. Some sections of Plage d’Agadir may be cordoned off as private properties of the nearby resorts, but there’s still miles and miles of golden sands and shoreline to go around here.

Aghroud Beach (Plage Aghroud), meanwhile, is a quieter beauty. Located on the outskirts of Agadir, the clear waters and serene surroundings call out to those who yearn for a peaceful stroll by the sea.  The nearby village overlooking the beach has rows of buildings painted in rainbow hues, infusing a quirky charm into the area.

Summer may see a surge in visitors to the beach, but it’s generally a more lowkey choice that still offers plenty of excitement and activities such as horse-riding, camel-riding, and light swimming.

Another quick 15-km drive from Agadir will land you at Imourane Beach, where surfers come to challenge the spectacular waves and sun worshippers arrive looking for a little bit of magic–literally.

Many other beaches in Agadir are equally rich in options for adventures, relaxation, and a sprinkling of seaside glamor. Aourir Beach (Plage Aourir), for example, was given its unique nickname “Banana Beach” by none other than the rock legend Jimi Hendrix. The laid-back vibe at this surfers’ favorite spot is juxtaposed with craggy rock formations and breathtaking cliffs that surround it. Hikers looking to conquer the magnificent landscape will be rewarded with a turquoise horizon of the Atlantic.

Agadir has no shortage of beaches to dazzle, impress, or humble you. Luxury resorts and humble homestays are also available and easily accessible around these beaches, providing modern comfort and support to all types of travelers. Many of them also operate surfing schools, watersport rental, and dining spaces.

You have the sun, the sea, the beach, and all these amenities here in Agadir. Why would you ever want to leave?

Discover the dazzling city

Take a walk amidst 2000 years of history of Agadir hinterland—all you have to do is cross the walls of the medina.

Medina Polizzi’s narrow street walls, tasseled with zelliges await you. As you roam through the medina, meet the gadiris craftsmen and learn their stories while observing their craftsmanship. Then, venture to the Kasbah, perched on a rock 236 meters high.

Resilience takes on a fresh look in Morocco, particularly in Agadir. The 1960 earthquake might have broken the bones of the old medina, but it could not hurt the Kasbah. For five centuries, the Kasbah of Agadir Oufella has been protecting the city.

The Kasbah of Agadir Oufella is one of the most iconic sites in Agadir. Climbing to the top offers a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful Agadir Bay and its surroundings. If you are there during twilight hours, you will also get to witness the spellbinding sunset across the horizon in the land of distant sunsets.

Medina Polizzi has a museum that pays tribute to Amazigh culture. Learn all about the cultural impact of the museum, and then check out the jewellery made by local craftsmen while being enchanted by live music.

When in Agadir, another must-visit place is Morocco’s only zoological park — the Crocpark. The Crocpark is home to 325 Nile crocodiles, and various flora and fauna add to create a serene ambiance while you stroll through the gardens, learn about nature and indulge in delicious food and dessert.

Best spots to experience within the city

The city of Agadir has lots of delightful places for you to visit and make new memories.

For the shopping enthusiasts

The first on our itinerary is Souk El Had, the largest urban market in Morocco. It covers more than 13 hectares with over 6000 shops spreading out like wings. From afar, its 6m high wall is punctured by 13 big doorways, giving it the appearance of a fortress.

Souk El Had enlivens the city six days a week, except for Monday, when it is closed for weekly cleaning. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike. The negotiations between merchants and customers have a tune of their own that adds to the spirit of the souk and the charm of the Moroccan markets.

Anything you seek, the souk probably has it. From clothing and accessories, to leather items, copper work, and local products like Amlou, honey, oils, and cosmetic products—shopping enthusiasts will have a haven awaiting them at the souk.

Other than Souk El Had, walking through the lively streets of Agadir will show you the nomadic spirit of the craftsmen, which is reflected in their art, particularly jewellery. The Souss, Tiznit, Inezgane and Taroudant shops display the treasures of local craftsmanship, including unique jewellery like earrings, necklaces, silver pendants with corals, colored glass beads and amber.

For the foodies

Cuisine is one of the crucial facets of culture, and Agadir’s culinary culture is a heaven for food lovers.

There are plenty of stalls, restaurants and cafes throughout the city selling mouth-watering delicacies. You can find these culinary delights both within Souk El Had and beyond its bustling confines.

Agadir cuisine draws inspiration from the many natural jewels of its homeland. Local delicacies that you have to try are the delicious monkfish with lemon confit or saffron rice balls, along with chicken tagine with honey, almonds and grapes,

Argan is Morocco’s liquid gold, and Agadir is famous for the way it makes argan oil accessible to people. You can take a bit of Morocco back home to use in your everyday cooking or for skincare purposes.

For the wellness enthusiasts

Whether you are constantly looking for new wellness treatments or just want to relax and rewind on your vacation, Agadir offers something for everyone, enriched by its natural wealth and landscapes.

Agadir, a coastal city, offers a variety of wellness cures. From spa and thalassotherapy to balneotherapy or thermalism, there are countless options available to help you be mindful, attain homeostasis and feel rejuvenated.

At the spas in Agadir you can avail of traditional hammam treatments with local products or something modern, like thalassotherapy or balneotherapy, at the fitness centers.

For the nature lovers

Agadir’s hinterland extends to the High Atlas foothills in the west. The entire region is noted for its beautiful landscape.

Paradise Valley, in particular, is known for its palm grove nestled among steep limestone walls, creating a picturesque paradise-like setting along a riverbed canyon. Maze-like pathways lined with lavender and thyme lead to the natural retreat.

You can hike in Paradise Valley along the paths of argan trees, junipers, oaks, and acacias. Alternatively, you can explore an adjacent argan biosphere reserve nearby to learn more about Agadir’s renowned liquid gold.

After the hike, you can cool off near the rocky pools or waterfalls or take a dip in the natural pools before having a picnic at the Paradise Valley along with fellow tourists.

Other favorite Moroccan sun and beach destinations


If you are in Agadir, another place to experience similar thrills in the region of Souss Massa is Taghazout.

Taghazout sets the scene for new memories with immaculate views of the ocean and glistening sunshine 300 days a year. Only 7 kilometers from the Atlas Mountains, Taghazout offers the most mesmerizing sunrises.

Just a few miles away from Agadir, the former fishing enclave is now revamped as a modern seaside resort town.

In the recent few years, several famous jewels of the hospitality industry have started their journey in Agadir. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa, located a stone’s throw from Taghazout Beach, adds to the chic nautical vibe. Taking influence from its surroundings in Morocco, it presents an ideal abode with indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centers, spas, and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.
  • Nestled just steps away from Taghazout Beach’s golden cravat, the Fairmont Taghazout Bay’s accessibility to the beach only adds to its charming opulence. The decor is inspired by historic heritage influences and guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the ocean from their bedrooms.
  • Situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Hyatt Regency Taghazout offers a dazzling retreat that combines the best of both worlds. Breathtaking views of nature from all around the resort, a variety of local and international culinary delights, luxurious amenities, and top-notch facilities ensure a comfortable, memorable vacation.

If you are a watersports enthusiast and want one last surf in the ocean before leaving Morocco, Taghazout is the place to be. Known to be a surfer’s paradise since the 1970s, brace yourself to be met with a variety of waves. Killer Point and Anchor Point—both in Taghazout—are among the best surf spots in the world. Other watersports available here include jet skiing, sailing and parasailing.


Another one of the Atlantic pearls in Morocco is Safi. Holding a delicate balance between the stunning architecture of Kechla and the dazzling waters of the ocean visiting its shore, Safi is a covert Moroccan gem waiting for you to uncover.

The Portuguese Fort has stood on the shore for over five centuries, offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding area. Experience standing atop a fort that has myriad stories to tell while taking in the panoramic views.

Visit Safi’s pottery district to witness artisans moulding terracotta, clay, and ceramics into a new life in the form of pottery, jewellery and other unique trinkets that make extraordinary souvenirs.