‘Do as the locals do’ is a common mantra passed along by and to every traveller. The idea is that there are places and experiences only familiar to people who have actually lived in an area, and to access these hidden gems, the humble travellers should look to the locals as their guides, sometimes literally.

Following in the locals’ footsteps is not just about eating where they eat or enjoying a night out at invite-only clubs, but also about adhering local rules and norms. Yes, including superstitions. Think of them not as limitations or old-fashioned nonsense, but as an exercise in respect to people who have been here before you and will stay long after you have left.

If your next destination happens to be Russia, you’re in for one of the most memorable experiences of your life. As you navigate your way around the country with rich historical and cultural tapestries, hopefully with your new Russian pals, keep in mind that there are things you should never do here.