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Updated January 2023

Singapore shares the top spot with Japan for the most powerful passport in the world. Both countries boast passports that have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 189 countries. However, there are a few destinations that surprisingly still require a visa application beforehand despite ownership of a Singapore passport. Read further to know more.


Opera House, Sydney Australia

© Srikant Sahoo – Unsplash

The Land Down Under is a super popular option for Singaporeans to have a family vacation. But surprise, surprise, you need a visa to actually visit, even if it’s for a short holiday.

Australia uses an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system, which is pretty convenient and does not take long to process. The ETA will be valid for use for a period of a year, so you can go back to Australia any time within that period.

Considering how popular Australia is, this visa application is well worth the hassle.

  • Where to apply: ImmiAccount
  • Application Fee: $97,87 (online)


photo of Taj Mahal

© Julian Yu – Unsplash

The only thing that stands between you and the Taj Mahal is a visa (and money for everything else). Singaporeans looking to travel to India require a visa, although there is an exception. Singaporeans of Indian ethnicity can apply to be recognised as Overseas Citizens of India, a status which provides visa-free travel.

Visas-on-arrival is available at major airports in India for US $60, but applying for a visa online saves you trouble and time.

With many unique cultures, sights and cuisines to explore, a visa application isn’t going to stop me from going there.


group of people walking in plaza

© Daniil Silantev – Unsplash

Russia is definitely filled with more than just icy Siberia and vodka jokes. It is home to many wonderful looking cathedrals and mountains. Russia has a satisfyingly good balance of history and nature.

However, it can be quite complicated to apply for a visa even as a tourist to the country. Firstly, Singaporeans are required to apply for a tourist invitation letter to be able to apply for a visa. A tourist invitation letter can be obtained from a relative or establishment that resides within the country. Otherwise, a travel operator could provide you an invitation letter at a fee.

The only other way to avoid applying for a visa is to enter through a cruise operator, which will allow you to stay for 72 hours.

Travelling to Russia sounds like a hassle, so we recommend booking through a reliable travel agency if you need help getting a tourist invitation letter.


white and brown house on mountain

© Sam Power – Unsplash

Who wouldn’t want to travel to the happiest place on earth? Bhutan is a small Buddhist kingdom located between China, India and Nepal. Its appeal lies in its authentic culture which stands strong in the face of globalisation and external influences.

This way of life is retained through the limited number of tourists and foreigners that are allowed to visit which is why Singaporeans too require a visa to enter. Visas can only be applied through authorised travel agencies from Bhutan which will plan your whole travel experience.

Bhutan is full of beautiful landscapes and mountainous areas which have largely been untouched by pollution. If you are in pursuit of true happiness, Bhutan is a great place to start and worth the visa.

  • Where to apply: Through a licensed Bhutanese travel operator
  • Application Fee: Varies from $40


five persons riding camels walking on sand beside Pyramid of Egypt

© Simon Matzinger – Unsplash

Visit the Great Pyramid at Giza which is the only one left standing out of the other seven wonders of the world. While you’re there, snap a picture with the Great Sphinx too.

Technically, Singaporeans are able to obtain visa-on-arrival within airports in Egypt. This comes in the form of a sticker which costs US $25. However, visa requirements in Egypt may change at short notice which is why it is recommended for tourists from Singapore to obtain a visa from the Embassy of Egypt before travelling.

  • Where to apply: Egypt Embassy in Singapore at 8 Eu Tong Sen Street or at the Egypt airports
  • Application Fee: Approximately US $25


Belarus is not a popular travel destination for Singaporeans but is worth a visit due to its unique history and location within Europe.

Singaporeans need to apply for a visa before visiting if they happen to fly in from Russia. If you’re flying in directly to Minsk from any other country which has a visa-waiver agreement with Belarus, you’re good to go.

Belarus displays a wide array of Soviet-era structures which have been retained. Some have been turned into museums while others have integrated into everyday life as buildings housing ordinary businesses.

© Dennis Jarvis – Flickr

You can also visit national parks and watch rare European bison roam through vast fields.

Belarus is definitely worth the visit as it is becoming a hugely popular destination in Eastern Europe.

  • Where to apply: Travel agency or submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belarus
  • Application Fee: €60


Venezuela is home to many pristine islands and beaches filled with white sand and turquoise waters. However, Venezuela remains one of the only countries which requires a visa and approval (for Singaporeans) from the embassy before you can travel there. The cost of a visa is also not fixed and will only be determined during processing.

man in blue t-shirt standing on gray rock on see

© Cesar Cede

Despite its beautiful coasts and waters, it is advised not to travel there at least for now. The unstable political atmosphere has led to many riots, and instances of petty crime and violence.

  • Where to apply: Venezuelan Embassy in Singapore at 163 Penang Rd
  • Application Fee: Varies from $30.00

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