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Updated April 2024

Qiddiya City, located in Saudi Arabia, is a sprawling planned megaproject city dedicated to tourism and entertainment. It has recently announced the construction of the world’s first Dragon Ball-based theme park, which will be constructed across an expansive area of approximately 500,000 square meters.

Dragon Ball, renowned as one of the best-selling Manga series of all time, has a rich and diverse array of environments that are said to be faithfully emulated in the theme park.

Continue reading with Wego as we uncover the invigorating announcement of the Dragon Ball theme park.

What is the Dragon Ball theme park at Qiddiya?

Qiddiya City is about to witness the birth of a new landmark. In a press release on 22 March 2024, Qiddiya announced its collaboration with Toei Animation, a strategic partnership that will see the creation of a Dragon Ball theme park.

This exciting venture aims to bring the fantastical world of Dragon Ball to life, a fitting tribute to the late Akira Toriyama, the visionary creator of Dragon Ball.


Qiddiya anticipates this partnership to boost its tourism and establish Qiddiya as the Global Gaming Capital, where it is expected to captivate millions of visitors and fans of the anime worldwide annually.

Dragon Ball theme park at Qiddiya location

The Dragon Ball theme park is located in Qiddiya City, about 40 kilometers from the center of Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. 

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Dragon Ball theme park at Qiddiya opening date

Currently, no opening date has been announced for the theme park. The park will commence construction as per the press release.

Please note that we will update the information as and when released by the officials.

What to expect from the Dragon Ball theme park at Qiddiya?

What excites anime fans the most about this announcement is the prospect of the theme park recreating iconic environments from the anime and seamlessly integrating the Dragon Ball universe into almost every facet of the park, including its hotels and restaurants.

The park’s design aims to faithfully recreate beloved locales from the series, such as the tranquil Kame House, the futuristic Capsule Corporation, and the Beerus’ Planet. Additionally, It will comprise seven distinct zones based on the seven dragon balls. With over 30+ Dragon Ball-themed rides across the park, it will offer breathtaking immersion to the fans who are no longer confined to the television to experience their beloved anime.

Furthermore, the park will boast 5 state-of-the-art rides set against the Tuwaiq mountains’ majestic backdrop. At the heart of the park lies the centerpiece: a towering 70-meter-high Shenron rollercoaster nestled within the majestic dragon. This exhilarating ride promises to awaken guests’ senses with thrilling twists and turns. 

Visitors will also have the opportunity to lodge in themed hotels, immersing themselves in the Dragon Ball universe, and indulge in exotic cuisines within towering landmarks.

Please note that we will update the information as and when released by the officials.


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