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Updated April 2024

The Dubai Airport Show is set to be an exciting event for professionals and enthusiasts in the aviation industry. With a focus on innovation and the latest developments in airport technology, this event promises to showcase cutting-edge solutions in areas such as sustainability, digitalization, and urban air mobility.

If you’re attending the Dubai Airport Show 2024, you’re in for a treat! To help you make the most of this exciting event, Wego prepared everything you need to know.

Dubai Airport Show 2024

The Dubai Airport Show 2024 is the world’s largest premier annual airport exhibition, showcasing the latest and most innovative technologies and solutions in the aviation industry. Under the theme “Sustainability and Innovation,” this year’s focus underscores the industry’s commitment to integrating advanced technology and eco-friendly initiatives for enhanced growth and efficiency.

The three-day exhibition, located at Sheikh Saeed Halls 1-2 in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), will commence on Tuesday, 14 May, and conclude on Thursday, 16 May 2024. The Airport Show will host participants from across the globe for three days of exceptional networking and business prospects alongside its co-located events: the ATC Forum, Airport Security Middle East, and the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum.

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Exhibitor list

The Dubai Airport Show 2024 has attracted a number of renowned exhibitors. Below are some of the participants:

  • 4I SA Luxembourg
  • A-ICE srl
  • BOMBELLI srl
  • Arasca Medical Equipment Trading LLC
  • AuraVision SL
  • Aviramp GSE
  • Bildal Electricals Pvt. Ltd
  • D.S. BROWN
  • Custom s.p.a.
  • Hub Parking Technology
  • Mallaghan
  • NAFFCO Aviation

For a complete list of exhibitors attending the Dubai Airport Show 2024, please refer to the official Dubai Airport Show 2024 exhibitor list.

Event features

Exhibitor Showcase Channel

Be sure to follow the Exhibitor Showcase Channel for the opportunity to test and experience new products from the exhibitors that are sure to disrupt their respective industries. With a range of participants, from global technology companies to innovative start-ups, you’ll be able to witness the latest breakthroughs in your field firsthand. Stay ahead of the game and keep up with the latest trends by tuning in to the Exhibitor Showcase Channel.

Sustainable Apron

In partnership with dnata, the Sustainable Apron is back following the successful launch of the e-Apron in 2023. This year, the Sustainable Apron will feature even more ground-handling manufacturers, showcasing the latest innovations in the sector that support airports in their green initiatives. Join us in our commitment to reducing carbon footprints and be part of the airport industry’s efforts to promote sustainability. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the latest technologies that are driving the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Trail

The Sustainable Trail is a dedicated showcase for innovative products and services that enable regional airports to shape their roadmap toward sustainability. This year, the trail will not only highlight guidelines for protecting the environment and meeting the constantly changing needs of passengers but also promote operational efficiency in a sustainable way. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and discover the latest solutions that are driving the airport industry toward a greener future.

Innovation Trail

The Innovation Trail is back and this year it’s all about showcasing products and services that will help regional airports shape their roadmap towards sustainability. Get ready for a bespoke customer experience on the show floor, with an impressive lineup of the latest breakthrough innovations in the airport industry today. Our exhibitors, hailing from over 20 countries, are leaders in their field and will be showcasing their cutting-edge solutions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the latest trends and technologies that are driving the airport industry forward.

Registering your visit

To attend the Dubai Airport Show, you will need to register online by visiting the official registration page. Registration will provide you with access to the Dubai Airport Show 2024 and its co-located events, including the ATC Forum and Airport Security Middle East.


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