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Updated 31 October 2022

London is now open to arrivals from Dubai. Several flights are easily available if you are looking to travel to London from Dubai right now. Are you now allowed to travel to London from Dubai? Will you need to get tested? Do you need to quarantine? Read along to find out.

Cheap flights from Dubai to London

Cheap flights from Dubai to London are now fully operational allowing travellers from Dubai and the UAE to travel to London without breaking the bank. Direct flight roundtrip tickets range from AED 3,245 to AED 5,570. For details, please consult the flight schedule below.

Book cheap flights from Dubai to London Book cheap flights from Dubai to London


Dubai to London flight schedule

Emirates Airlines and British Airways are the only carriers currently servicing direct flights from Dubai to London. Other airlines offer connecting flights which may involve long stopover periods. Here are some of the cheapest rates for Dubai – London roundtrip tickets.

Note: All prices are till the month of December 2022 and are accurate at the time of writing


Dubai – London: Multiple direct daily flights available all days of the week. Roundtrip tickets start from AED 3,285.

British Airways

Dubai – London: Up to 3 direct daily flights available all days of the week. Roundtrip tickets start from AED 3,940


Dubai – London: Multiple connecting flights available most days of the week. Roundtrip tickets start from AED 2,620

Turkish Airlines

Dubai – London: Up to 2 connecting flights available five days of the week. Roundtrip tickets start from AED 3,326.

Dubai to London flight time

A direct flight from Dubai to London typically takes around 7 hours and 25 minutes to complete. Non-direct flights can take anywhere between 16 to 30 hours.

Dubai to London requirements

The latest travel and entry requirements to England are as follows.

UAE rules for outbound passengers

Under the UAE travel protocol for UAE Nationals 18 years old and above, all passengers travelling from Dubai to London must meet one of the following requirements to travel out of Dubai:

  • Must have completed one (1) dose of an approved vaccine and a period of one month has not lapsed from the date of the vaccination and the date of travel; or
  • Must have completed two (2) doses of an approved vaccine; or
  • If not vaccinated, the passenger must present a valid negative Covid‑19 PCR Test certificate that is issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection and the time of boarding the aircraft. The COVID‑19 PCR test certificate has to be issued from an approved health service provider and must contain a QR code.

The following categories of UAE Nationals are exempted from the specified travel conditions provided they obtain an official letter from the relevant health authority in the UAE:

  • Individuals medically exempted from taking the vaccine
  • Humanitarian cases
  • Individuals travelling for medical and/or treatment purposes

Any exception must be obtained by the individuals from the relevant authorities before arrival to airport or making travel arrangements.

Required documents

UAE travellers do not need to complete a UK passenger locator form before travel. At the airport, travellers will need to produce their identity documents, such as a passport, visa or national identity card. Travellers must:

  • have their identity documents ready
  • remove any face coverings or sunglasses
  • move through passport control together if in a family

Vaccination, testing, and quarantine requirements

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers are exempt from all testing and quarantine measures. When travelling to England, travellers do not need to:

  • complete a UK passenger locator form
  • take any COVID-19 tests before travel or after arrival
  • quarantine upon arrival

The UK visa requirement for UAE travellers

Since the UAE does not fall under countries eligible for visa-free services upon arrival in the UK, travellers from Dubai to London must have a valid visa document for entry to the UK. The type of visa you need will vary according to the purpose of your entry.

If you are a tourist, you must either apply for:

Click here to check the documents and visa you would need to visit the UK, depending upon your purpose of entry.

Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme:

The UK government has recently introduced the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme, which will be rolled out for all GCC nations, including the UAE, from January 2023. Under this scheme, UAE citizens will no longer require a visa to travel to the UK from 2023; instead, they can apply for an ETA online before their scheduled travel date.

Check out our article to know more about the UK’s new ETA scheme for travellers from the UAE

UK Electronic Travel Authorisation Guide for UAE Residents

The ETA scheme has been launched for all eligible countries to facilitate smooth and easy travel access to the United Kingdom. Before the introduction of ETAs in 2023, travellers from UAE may continue to use the Electronic Visa Waivers (EVW), which can be completed online before departure to the UK.

UK Visa Waiver 2022: Countries Eligible for Electronic Visa Waiver

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