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Updated February 2024

Egypt is a treasure trove of historical wonders left behind by an ancient civilization. While those looking for enlightenment will indeed find Egypt mesmerizing, the country also offers visitors the splendor of the desert, the timeless beauty of the Nile, the shores of the Red Sea, and its enchanting diving opportunities.

Wego has gathered all the important information you need to know about the Egypt tourist visa – visa; its validity, fees, how to apply, and its extendibility. Keep reading to learn more!

Do I need a tourist visa to enter Egypt?

Generally speaking, travelers from nearly every country require a visa to enter Egypt, with the exception of a handful of countries. 

But if you’re a national of the following nine countries, you will be able to travel to Egypt without a visa. These countries are Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Malaysia.

Additionally, travelers from 74 countries can apply for an Egypt visa on arrival. 

Egypt tourist visa

The Egypt tourist visa is an official entry document fully applied for and issued online. The e-visa allows holders to visit Egypt and stay for a maximum of 30 days within 90-day days following its issuance. 

As the Egypt tourist visa is issued to accommodate travelers visiting Egypt for leisure purposes, travelers must not take up gainful employment or conduct business during their stay. Travelers must also ensure to not overstay their welcome.

Egypt tourist visa types

Two different types of Egypt tourist visas are available as follows:

30-day single-entry tourist visa

As the name implies, the single-entry tourist visa can only be used once. It allows you to spend up to 30 days in Egypt for purposes relating to leisure and tourism. If you travel out of Egypt during your excursion, it would not be possible to re-enter the country without obtaining a new tourist visa. 

180-day multiple-entry tourist visa

If you hold a multiple-entry tourist visa, you may travel to Egypt multiple times within a 180-day period. Note that the cumulative days of stay must still be equal to or less than 30 days.

5-year multiple-entry tourist visa

Egypt has recently launched a new 5-year multiple-entry visa for foreign visitors. The visa grants its holders the ability to stay in Egypt for up to 90 days per visit to the country.

Egypt tourist visa application

You can apply for the Egypt tourist visa by visiting the official Egypt e-visa portal and completing the required form. Detailed instructions are as follows:

  • create an account on the Egypt e-Visa Portal via the registration page
  • confirm your account registration
  • log in to the Egypt e-Visa Portal
  • select “Apply Now”
  • select the type of visa and read the instructions carefully
  • fill in the application form
  • pay the required fees using a credit or debit card
  • await the visa approval. If successful, the e-visa will be delivered to you via email. Download and print out the e-visa

Remember to bring your printed-tourist visa with you and present it to the immigration and customs officials at an Egyptian land, sea, or airport of entry.

Egypt tourist visa application form

The Egypt tourist visa application form is necessary for a visa to visit Egypt. You can get the form from the consulate or Egyptian embassy’s website and have to fill it with accurate information that includes your name, passport details, purpose of visit, contact information, and other important details.

Egypt tourist visa requirements

Generally, the required documents are as follows:

  • a passport with at least six months of validity
  • e-visa printout
  • a valid email address
  • travel itinerary
  • hotel or other types of accommodation address and additional relevant info

Egypt tourist visa validity

The validity of Egypt tourist visas depends on the type of tourist visa. A 30-day single-entry visa is valid for 90 days following its date of issuance. 180-day and 5-year multiple-entry visas will be valid for 6 months and 5 years, respectively.

Egypt tourist visa extension

The Egypt tourist visa is extendable for an additional three months.

To apply for an extension, you must do so in person by visiting the relevant immigration office in Cairo and submitting your visa extension application. The extension process cannot be completed online.

It’s been reported that the queues can get quite long. Thus many travelers prefer to leave the country temporarily and apply for a new Egypt tourist visa online. 

Egypt tourist visa cost

The fees for Egypt tourist visas are as follows:

  • 30-day single entry visa – USD 25
  • 180-day multiple entry visa – USD 60
  • 5-year multiple entry visa – USD 700


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