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Updated 6 July 2022

The Eid holidays in the UAE are always special and witness several hundreds and thousands of Emiratis flying out of the country to various cities around the globe with friends and family, making the best use of this auspicious season. While the pandemic continues to decrease its severity worldwide, there are numerous countries providing allowances to accommodate international arrivals.

Here is our pick for the top 10 visa-free countries open to UAE travellers for this Eid al Adha festive season. 

Best visa free Eid destinations for UAE travellers

With more countries opening their doors to travellers with no restrictions, UAE travellers are lucky as several countries exempt them from acquiring a visa for entry, cutting down the tedious visa application process and making travelling easier. 

The following is our selection of the top 10 countries that do not require UAE travellers to produce a visa for entry.


This charming country in the Caucasus Mountains has it all! From vibrant cities and landscapes to amazing delicacies and hospitable people. Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has a lot of historical sights to explore.

It has another advantage of providing visa-free travel for UAE residents. UAE citizens and permanent residents may enter Georgia without a visa for one full year, while expats who hold a valid UAE resident visa will also receive a visa on arrival in Georgia.

Citizens of any country traveling to Georgia via any route (by air, land and sea) are no longer obliged to present either COVID-vaccination certificate or PCR-examination negative result report from June 15, 2022.

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The Balkan country of Albania has been gaining a lot of interest and is increasingly witnessing many UAE tourists this Eid. The underrated European metropolises of Albania has never-ending movement and energy. With its clubs, bars, cafes, and taverns, the fun never stops. The hospitality shown towards tourists is something that will mark your journey all over the country.

UAE travellers can visit Albania without having to acquire a visa for a period of 90 days within six months.

As of 1 May 2022, all COVID-19 related travel requirements have been lifted.Travellers no longer need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test in order to enter Albania.

All passengers who are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania, in addition to complying with international airline standards and protocols, must also adhere to the rules listed below:

  • only travelling passengers can enter the airport building
  • passengers must maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters during their entire time in the airport
  • priority is given to the elderly, people in need and families with children (minors)
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Situated in southwest Asia, Azerbaijan is one of the affordable travel destinations for tourists on a budget. This charming country has a blend of rich culture and history while also being economical.

Azerbaijan’s visa on arrival policy extends to UAE visitors for up to one month, provided their residence visa and passport is valid for at least 120 days after the date of entry to Azerbaijan.

If you’re fully vaccinated, you can enter Azerbaijan without needing to test or quarantine. At least 14 days must have passed since your second dose of the vaccine. If you’re not fully vaccinated, you’ll need to show proof of immunity to COVID-19 in order to enter Azerbaijan.

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The Maldives is home to some of the best ocean and marine life and is a beach haven to discover the best underwater scenery. Many luxury resorts and hotels in the Maldives provide scenic accommodation on the beach and over water.

The Maldives offers a visa on arrival for UAE travellers, valid for 30 days but can also be extended.

Pre-departure COVID-19 negative PCR test is no longer required for all passengers arriving Maldives. However, all travellers except tourists and Maldivians are recommended to undertake a PCR test between 3-5 days after arrival. All travelers are also exempt form quarantine related measures.

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This jewel in the Indian Ocean is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. No traveller worth their salt can truly resist the temptation of sparkling beaches scattered perfectly across the country’s 115 islands. But in the off chance that the beaches fail to enchant travellers, the Seychelles lush jungle featuring scores of fascinating wildlife will surely do the trick.

Seychelles is a visa-free country. As such, all foreign nationals visiting Seychelles are granted visa-free access under the condition that they must be in possession of a valid passport, return or onward ticket, proof of accommodation and sufficient funds. A Visitor’s Permit will be issued free of charge for all arrivals and is initially valid for up to three months but can be extended for a fee for a period of up to three months with further extensions not exceeding a total period of twelve months.

All travellers to Seychelles must have certification of vaccination against COVID-19 and a valid negative PCR test result. Travellers are required to submit their test results when filling out the travisory form.

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Whether embarking on a road trip or going on a panoramic train tour, you’ll come across pristine lakes, grand forests, charming cities and villages all conspiring to conjure up romantic images of Switzerland. Under the watchful eye of the Alps and Jura mountain range, and with the accompaniment of its exquisite cheese, wine and chocolate, life is all but good here in Switzerland.

Switzerland is open to UAE travellers without any visa for 90 days.

People who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 are exempt from testing and quarantine requirements when entering Switzerland.

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The scenic beauty and flamboyant history of Poland is alluring for obvious reasons. While Poland is not usually the first pick for UAE travellers looking to vacation in the Europe, this Eid Emiratis are flying to Poland more in numbers to picturesque Polish towns such as Sopot and Zakopane.

Poland tourist visa is not required for citizens of UAE for a stay up to 90 days.

There are no longer any COVID‑19 entry restrictions for travel to Poland. Passengers are no longer required to hold a COVID‑19 vaccination certificate or a COVID‑19 test result to enter the country. Quarantine restrictions have also been lifted.

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In addition to being one of the cheapest countries to travel from the UAE, Jordan’s generosity and hospitality are simply boundless—since ancient times, the land has always been welcoming to countless strangers and visitors. As such, not even the pandemic can stop you from paying your respect to Jordan’s ancient rock city of Petra. 

UAE is among the few countries allowed to enter Jordan visa-free. UAE travellers must ensure that their passport’s validity period extends to six months beyond the duration of their stay. A visa-free stay of 30 days is allowed.

There are no longer any COVID‑19 entry restrictions for travel to Jordan. This includes requirements for testing, vaccination and quarantine.

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Pa-pong-peang rice terrace north Thailand

Affectionately known as “The Land of White Elephants,” Thailand is a much-sought paradise on account of its extraordinary beauty and cultural uniqueness. The buzz of Bangkok, tropical shores of Phuket, grandiose temples Chiang Rai, the luscious Chiang Mai countryside never fails to disappoint millions of tourists, who visit the country every year.

Thailand’s visa exemption rule allows UAE tourists along with 63 other countries to enter the country without a visa. Tourists entering Thailand are allowed a maximum of a 30-day stay period should they enter Thailand via international airports or land borders.

  • Everyone 18 years of age and older must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to Thailand.
  • Travellers 5-17 years of age travelling to Thailand unaccompanied must get vaccinated with at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to Thailand. Those travelling with parents are exempt from this requirement.

Thailand has now scrapped its pre-departure RT-PCR testing requirement for vaccinated international travellers arriving in Thailand. International arrivals to Thailand are no longer be required to register themselves for the Thailand pass and US$10,000 health insurance, thus welcoming all travellers with proof of either a certificate of vaccination or a pre-arrival negative RT-PCR or professional ATK (Antigen Test Kit) test result.

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Italy is one of the most affordable European destinations to travel to from the UAE. This European country is known for its vibrant shopping districts, cultural events, and art galleries. All of this, as well as delectable culinary delights, ensures unforgettable tours.

Just like several other European countries, Italy is also open to UAE travellers without the need to possess a visa for 90 days.

There are no longer any COVID‑19 entry restrictions for travel to Italy. Passengers are no longer required to hold a COVID‑19 vaccination certificate or a COVID‑19 test result to enter the country. Quarantine restrictions have also been lifted.

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