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Updated June 2024

Given the importance of applying for an Emirates ID, which acts both as an identity card of the UAE’s citizens and residents and proof of residency, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has now released a new Emirates ID card registration form, which allows residents to track their application’s status and change the date for their fingerprint scanning.

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Emirates ID card latest news

The UAE has launched the second phase of the Work Bundle platform, significantly reducing the time needed to process work permits and residency visas from 30 days to just five days. This platform, developed by several government ministries and authorities, aims to simplify the hiring and renewal processes for businesses across all seven emirates. Initially rolled out in Dubai, the platform now serves around 600,000 companies and over seven million workers.

Work Bundle consolidates eight different procedures into a single, streamlined service, including the issuance of work permits, visas, and Emirates IDs, as well as medical exams. By asking for basic information only once, the platform reduces redundancy and speeds up service delivery. Currently, companies and employees can access Work Bundle through, with a mobile app expected to launch soon. This initiative reflects the UAE’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and reducing bureaucracy in government services.

What is the Emirates ID card?

The Emirates ID is an identity card of the UAE’s citizens and residents issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) and is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents, including newborn babies. It protects the individual’s identity and facilitates identification and verification as per international standards. UAE citizens and residents are obliged to apply for one and carry it with them at all times.

Since the UAE no longer requires visa stamping on passports, residents are therefore encouraged to carry their latest version of Emirates IDs to prevent delays at airports. The Emirates ID now functions as proof of residency since the latest version of the card contains all the relevant details allowing immigration counters at various airports to read the data stored on the ID.

To learn more about the Emirates ID, please visit our dedicated Emirates ID article.

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Emirates ID card features

The Emirates ID card is equipped with advanced components to ensure maximum accuracy and security. These components include:

  • smart card technology
  • public key infrastructure for digital signature and authentication certificates
  • fingerprint biometrics

Identification Number

The ID card features a unique identification number that remains with the holder indefinitely. This number grants access to governmental and select non-governmental and private services requiring ID verification. The identity number is distinct and consists of 15 digits.

Electronic Chip

The card contains a chip storing the holder’s personal data, accessible and authenticated by specialized machines. Certain data is encrypted and managed exclusively by authorized authorities to safeguard privacy. The chip has a capacity of storing up to 32,000 letters of information.

Advanced Technologies

The Emirates ID card employs cutting-edge smart card technology, including precise lettering, ultraviolet ink, and line drawing. With nine security features surpassing industry standards, the card is highly resistant to forgery, setting a new benchmark in card security comparable to banking credit cards.

How to register for the Emirates ID card?

The Emirates ID card registration process can either be done through the ICP portal or through accredited typing centres. You can find out the complete list of accredited Emirates ID card biometric centres here.

Alternatively, applicants applying for the Emirates ID through the ICP portal or the UAEICP App need to follow the steps given below:

  • visit the ICP portal or open the UAEICP App
  • enter your email address to register for the UAE Pass account
  • you will also need to indicate your UAE phone number.
  • gather the required documents
  • choose “Residence permit & Emirates ID Issuance Sercive”
  • submit the application review and update the retrieved data
  • make the payment
  • receive your Emirates ID through the certified delivery company. It has been approved as an alternative to proof of the residence visa on the stamped passport.


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