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Updated June 2023

In the UAE, it is crucial to comply with all laws to avoid any negative consequences. Failure to adhere to the laws can lead to the imposition of fines, which will be linked to your Emirates ID card. It is important to note that unpaid fines will remain associated with your Emirates ID card until you settle all outstanding charges. Additionally, disregarding the laws may result in serious legal repercussions, such as travel restrictions or imprisonment.

Please keep reading the article below to find out how you can conveniently check Emirates ID fines online.

Emirates ID fine 2023

Emirates ID fine refers to a penalty or fee imposed for a violation of laws or regulations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is associated with an individual’s Emirates ID card. The penalty fees are applicable to all UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriate residents. You can pay your Emirates ID fines online using a debit card or credit card.

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Emirates ID fine types

There are several types of fines and penalties related to the use of an Emirates ID:

  • late renewal/registration
  • damaged card
  • lost or stolen card
  • misuse of documents
  • unauthorized use
  • misrepresentation of information
  • unauthorized duplication
  • breaking traffic law

Emirates ID fine check

To inquire about your Emirates ID fine, you can consult multiple sources. Please carefully follow the provided steps for guidance.

Dubai police website

  1. visit the official website of
  2. click on the “Acces-Services” tab
  3. select “Fines Inquiry and Payment” and Inquiry mode
  4. fill in the important details such as plate details, license details, ticket details
  5. click on “Inquiry” to view your fines

Abu Dhabi police website

  1. visit the official website of Abu Dhabi Police.
  2. click on the “Public Services”
  3. select the “Traffic Fines Payment” option
  4. log in using your Emirates ID.
  5. the list of fines will appear. If any fines are due, they can be paid directly through the website.

Abu Dhabi mobile app

  1. Open the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app on your phone (available on iOS and Android)
  2. Log in by entering your Emirates ID number or your phone number
  3. Register your vehicle details on the app.
  4. The app will then display information about your fines, which can be viewed and paid directly through the app.

Customer service centers

You can visit a customer service center to check for fines. All you need is your Emirates ID or vehicle details to retrieve the information. Click here to find your nearest customer service center.

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