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Emirates Airlines has made a significant stride in the aviation industry by introducing premium economy seats on its regional routes within the GCC/MENA area. This pioneering initiative marks the first instance of Emirates offering this enhanced seating option on shorter flights within the region, promising passengers an elevated level of comfort and benefits, Wego reports.


The airline has unveiled plans to deploy its latest A350 aircraft to nine destinations, accompanied by a range of cabin upgrades, including the much-anticipated premium economy. Passengers can now look forward to the luxury of premium economy and state-of-the-art Business Class cabins on short to medium-haul routes spanning the Middle East, GCC, West Asia, and Europe.

The inaugural destination for the Emirates A350 will be Bahrain, with daily services set to commence from September 15. Following Bahrain, the A350 will expand its operations to Kuwait and Muscat, thereby providing passengers with access to Emirates’ latest cabin offerings on these crucial routes.

In addition to destinations within the Middle East and GCC, the Emirates A350 will also cater to cities in West Asia and Europe. Starting on 27 October, passengers traveling to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Colombo can look forward to experiencing the comfort of the A350’s premium economy and business class cabins. Moreover, Lyon, Bologna, and Edinburgh are among the European cities set to welcome Emirates’ A350 aircraft, offering passengers a touch of luxury on their journeys.

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