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Reviewed January 2024

The UAE government has periodically released several policies and initiatives to assist and cater to its citizens’ needs, making life easier in the Emirates. One such social program is ESAAD, enabling cardholders to avail several discount policies across different sectors. 

Please keep reading to learn more about Esaad, the benefits of the program and how to get one.

ESAAD card in Dubai

ESAAD was launched in March 2017 as a unique humanitarian community quality initiative, unique in its offerings, distinctive in its discounts, covering all sectors that cover the basic and desirable aspects of the cardholders’ lives. The ESAAD card is issued by the Dubai Police and offers its members a host of exclusive offers and discounts.

Thus, the initiative contributes to financial savings in several sectors such as education, health, housing, food catering, restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, tourism, travel, shopping malls, and everything pertaining to the family’s needs.

Who is eligible for the Esaad card?

The Esaad card is now available to government employees under the General Directorate of Dubai Police, military and civilian retirees from the government and private sectors jobs, as well as disabled citizens, senior citizens, people of determination, retirees and limited income citizens. The privileges extended to the holders’ first-degree relatives, namely spouses, parents and children.

Holders of UAE Golden Visa will also receive the Esaad Privilege card.

Recently, the Esaad discount privilege program’s advantages have recently been expanded to encompass individuals from the Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, and the loved ones of fallen heroes, thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the UAE Ministry of Defence, the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai, and the Dubai Police General Command, as reported by the Dubai Media Office.

Esaad card benefits & offers

The Esaad card provides extensive benefits and discounts across several sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, shops, theme parks and restaurants, among others. Exclusive offers and discounts are available for cardholders at 7,237 brands and businesses within the UAE and across 92 countries worldwide.

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Currently, Esaad card holders can get deals and discounts in:

  • Automobiles (157 deals)
  • Education (265 deals)
  • Family services (286 deals)
  • Health-related services (577 deals)
  • Malls and Retail stores (393 deals)
  • Online shopping (69 deals)
  • Public services (127 deals)
  • Residential (194 deals)
  • Restaurants and entertainment (456 deals)
  • Travel and Tourism (144 deals)

Esaad card hotel offers

The following are some of the best hotel offers obtainable through the Esaad card.

  • V Hotel – 50% off
  • Habtoor Palace Dubai – 50% off
  • Kempinski Palm Jumeirah – 50% off
  • Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel – 35% off
  • Fairmont Bab al Bahr Abu Dhabi – 35% off
  • Ibis One Central Dubai – 25% off
  • Bab Al Nojoum Al Mugheirah Resort Abu Dhabi – 20% off

Esaad card restaurant discount list

  • Al Faris Floating Restaurant – 50% off
  • Chill Out Ice Lounge Dubai – 35% off
  • Rhain Steakhouse – 35% off
  • Chamas Brazilian Restaurant At Crowne Plaza – 35% off
  • Al Fresco Restaurant At Crowne Plaza – 30% off

Esaad card registration & login

ESAAD members, including eligible government employees, military and civilian retirees from the government and private sectors jobs, as well as disabled and senior citizens in the Emirate.

How to apply for individuals

You can register for the ESAAD card by:

  • Visiting the official Esaad website 
  • Proceed to register by following the registration link 
  • Enter your name and personal details, including your Emirates ID
  • Submit your email ID and contact number details
  • Enter captcha and click “Submit”

However, if you are a company and you would like to offer membership to employees you will be registering through the companies form found on the top part of the Esaad website.

The ‘Emirati’ Initiative

The ‘Emirati’ initiative has been launched by the UAE to offer city services through a comprehensive single-window platform, the DubaiNow app.

The Esaad card, too, is now being issued by the Dubai Police General Command through the platform itself.

How to apply for companies

If you are a company willing to offer ESAAD membership to employees, you should proceed with the registration process through the Company Registration link. In order to register here you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Valid license to practice the profession.
  2. Offer duration not less than one year.
  3. Discount percentage not less than 30%, variable to change according to organization activities.
  4. Attach organization logo and detailed list of prices before and after discount and also owner passport and ID.
  5. Offer is applicable to all branches inside and outside of country.
  6. Application must be submitted in Arabic and English with detailed contact info.
  7. Attach image of organization and info in Arabic and English.
  8. The company’s commitment to provide statistics on the number of beneficiaries with the Esaad card and the total financial value of the discounts during the contracting period before end of December.

Esaad card for Golden Visa Holders

The Dubai Media Office has announced that Golden Visa holders in Dubai will be gifted the coveted Esaad privilege card. The card will be provided free of charge to holders of 5-year and 10-year Golden Visas in Dubai.

Select categories of Golden Visa holders in Dubai will receive the Esaad card. These categories include

  • Investors in public investment funds
  • Real estate investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People with specialised talents and researchers in science and knowledge, such as scientists, doctors, specialists, inventors
  • Creative people in culture and art
  • Executive directors
  • Specialised academics
  • Professional sportspeople
  • PhD degree holders specialising in engineering or science, humanitarian aid workers
  • Outstanding university and high-school graduates

Esaad contact number

To submit all enquiries related to the Esaad card

  • Visit the inquiries page on the official Esaad website
  • Select the type of inquiry you would like make
  • Add the subject and explain your grievance, complain or queries
  • Enter your mobile number so that they can get in touch with you

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