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Reviewed March 2024

Despite its low population, Estonia, a member of the Schengen Area, has emerged as an attractive destination for individuals seeking employment opportunities abroad. With its pleasant climate, friendly locals, and affordable cost of living, Estonia offers an appealing environment for building a successful career. However, to work in Estonia, foreign nationals must acquire an Estonia work visa.

Read on as Wego provides a comprehensive guide on applying for an Estonia work visa for those pursuing their professional ambitions in this country.

Estonia work visa 2024

You must obtain a work visa if you are not an EU/EEA/Switzerland citizen and wish to work in Estonia. 

On the other hand, EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens are exempt from the requirement of obtaining a work visa to work in Estonia. They only need to register as an Estonian resident in the Population Register of Estonia within the first three months of their arrival. Additionally, they must apply for an ID card within the first month of their stay in Estonia.

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Estonia work visa types

There are two types of Estonia work visas:

Long-term visa (Type D)

This long-stay visa allows for single or multiple entries into the Schengen Area. It is valid for up to 365 days within a consecutive 12-month period. This visa is ideal for those who intend to stay in the Schengen Area for an extended duration.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card enables highly-qualified individuals from non-EU countries to reside and work in EU member states. To be eligible, applicants must possess advanced professional qualifications, such as a university degree, and have either an employment contract or a confirmed job offer for a minimum duration of one year, along with a salary that exceeds the average income in the respective EU country. 

Please note that you would require an EU blue card if you are a highly qualified/skilled professional and are applying for either a long-term visa or permanent residency in Estonia. For more information, learn how to apply for an EU Blue Card through our article:

EU Blue Card: How to Obtain Your EU Work and Residence Permit


Estonia work visa application


The documents required to be submitted for the Type D (long-term) visa are:

  • completed and signed the long-term visa application form
  • one colour photograph
  • applicant’s valid travel document
  • a valid insurance contract ensuring payment of treatment costs incurred through illness or injury of the applicant for the period of validity of the visa being applied for unless set forth otherwise in legislation or treaty
  • the purpose of the stay and documents substantiating the reason
  • document certifying the payment of the state fee

The documents required for a visa to telework you have to submit additionally are:

  • documents proving that the applicant’s work does not depend on location and that he/she can use telecommunication technology for performing his/her duties as telework
  • documents proving that the applicant continues working for an employer registered in a foreign country with whom he/she has a contractual relationship, or business activities for a company registered in a foreign country in which he/she has holdings, or providing services mainly to customers whose place of business is in a foreign country and with whom he/she has a contractual relationship
  • documents proving the applicant’s legal income six months before the submission of the application and showing the size, regularity and sources of the income
  • description of studies and job history (CV).

The documents required for a visa for teleworking, the following proof of the facts regarding teleworking shall be submitted:

  • a written explanation by the applicant regarding the intention to use the visa for teleworking
  • a written confirmation by the employer stating that the applicant can perform their work duties in the form of teleworking
  • an employment contract or another contract under the law of obligations
  • a certificate issued by a competent authority of the applicant’s country of location in proof of the payment of state taxes, local taxes or social security contributions mandatory in the applicant’s country of location
  • a certificate issued by a competent authority of the company’s country of registered office, indicating the name, registered office and area of activity of the company, the applicant’s holdings in the company and details of the legal representatives of the company
  • a certificate issued by a competent authority of the company’s country of registered office in proof of the payment of state taxes, local taxes or social security contributions mandatory in the company’s country of registered office and in the absence of tax arrears.
  • any other documents.

The Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) will make a decision about granting a long-term visa for teleworking within 30 days from the start of the application process.

Application procedure

The application must be submitted to the PBGB at least 10 working days before the period of stay expires. Before going to the PBGB service office, fill in the long-term (D visa) form in the visa pre-applications environment.

  • open the visa pre-application website
  • select the long-term (D visa) application
  • then select a suitable language
  • enter the correct email address and required symbols.
  • fill in the visa application form fields, following the instructions.
  • after the pre-application is completed, the system will send the long-term visa application along with a pre-application number to the email address you entered, and thus it is possible to later print it out as well.
  • print out and sign the completed application. If you have no way of printing out the document, mark the pre-application number on the form and give the number to the official at the service office.
  • bring the signed form and the necessary documents to the PBGB service office to begin the application for the visa.

To apply for a long-term visa, contact one of the following PBGB service offices personally or through a representative:

  • Tallinn (P. Pinna 4 and A.H. Tammsaare tee 47)
  • Tartu (Riia mnt 132)
  • Jõhvi (Rahu 38)
  • Narva (Vahtra 3)
  • Pärnu (A. H. Tammsaare pst 61)

Note: When applying for a long-term visa, you must provide fingerprints if you have not done so before or more than 59 months have elapsed since your last fingerprints were taken. The procedure for taking fingerprints can be found in Riigi Teataja.

Estonia work visa fee

The fee for a work visa in Estonia is EUR 100. Payment for the visa application can be made in cash or by card. It is important to note that the payment for the visa application must be completed when submitting the required documents to the embassy/consulate in your home country.

Estonia work visa processing time

The PBGB shall review the submitted application within 10 working days of the acceptance of the application.


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