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Etihad Airways, the official airline of the United Arab Emirates, is responding to customer demand by increasing the number of flights to key destinations across the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. This recent expansion results in nearly 27% more weekly departures compared to the previous summer, Wego reports.


The airline is boosting its flight frequencies to several cities including Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Amman in Jordan, Beirut in Lebanon, as well as Colombo in Sri Lanka, and Kolkata and Bangalore in India.

These enhancements are part of Etihad’s ambitious plan to expand its flight offerings and frequencies, aiming to extend Abu Dhabi’s global connectivity and provide more flexible travel options for passengers.

Arik De, Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer of Etihad, commented: “These latest flight additions, coupled with our seamless connections at Abu Dhabi and expanding global network, provide our passengers with increased flexibility to travel to their desired destinations at their convenience. It also facilitates a more enjoyable visit or stopover in Abu Dhabi as an integral part of their journey.”

Below is the list of Etihad’s flight frequency changes:

Destinations Change Total Frequency Start Date
Jeddah +7 per week 28 per week 15 March 2024
Riyadh +7 per week 28 per week 15 March 2024
Amman +4 per week 11 per week 15 June 2024
Beirut +2 per week 7 per week 15 June 2024
Colombo +4 per week 17 per week 15 June 2024
Kolkata +1 per week 8 per week 15 June 2024
Bangalore +3 per week 17 per week 15 June 2024