The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a fantastic destination for summer vacations, renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking relaxation, Czechia has something for everyone. The bustling city of Prague, with its luxury hotels and historical landmarks, contrasts beautifully with the serene spa towns in the Carlsbad Region, offering a diverse range of experiences.

This summer, explore the unique attractions in each region, enjoy outdoor adventures, and relish the local cuisine. With convenient transport options and a variety of activities, a summer vacation in Czechia promises to be memorable and enjoyable for all.

Celebrating the Year of Czech Music

The Year of Czech Music is a special celebration that resonates deeply with the people of Czechia. It all started in 1924, marking the 100th birthday of Bedřich Smetana, a famous composer who has made notable contributions to Czech music and culture. Since then, with only a few exceptions, this celebration has been held every decade in years ending in four, highlighting the special role music plays in Czech culture.

This year is particularly special as it marks Smetana’s 200th birthday. Celebrations are abundant and varied, featuring concerts that span genres from classical and folk to jazz and alternative music. Additionally, exhibitions, theatre performances, and public events enrich the cultural landscape, engaging both seasoned music lovers and newcomers alike.

This year-long tribute not only honors past musical achievements but also showcases the evolving Czech music scene, inviting everyone to participate and celebrate the nation’s rich musical heritage.

Exciting summer festivals

Experience the vibrant culture of Czechia through its lively festivals, where music, food, and traditions unite to create unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors.
Steam Locomotive Festival

Promising a nostalgic journey for train enthusiasts and families alike, this September, Benešov near Prague will transport visitors back in time with the fifth edition of the Steam Locomotive Festival. Over three days, the town will showcase 35 vintage steam and diesel trains, including special entries from Germany and Austria.

The festival offers a unique experience with activities like turning locomotives on a turntable, night photography sessions, and a model railway exhibition. Additionally, attendees can enjoy rides on a miniature railway, explore the imperial lounge at the station, and admire a display of classic cars.

Kopaničárské Slavnosti

In mid-July, the town of Starý Hrozenkov in the Slovácko Region will burst into life with the Kopaničárské Celebrations, a traditional folk event honoring the customs of the Moravian-Slovak border. Over three festive days, visitors can enjoy performances by local and international folklore groups, brass bands, and ensembles from countries such as Spain and Poland, with which Starý Hrozenkov has twinning agreements.

The event attracts over thirty groups, with Saturday’s attendance often reaching around 10,000 people. Alongside the captivating music and dance, there will be an exhibition, a bustling craft market, a lively folk party, and a spectacular fireworks display. It’s a cultural extravaganza that showcases the rich heritage and community spirit of the region.

International theatre festival

Every September, Pilsen transforms into a haven for theatre enthusiasts during the International Theatre Festival. This event gathers theatre groups from around the globe, presenting a diverse array of performances that include classic plays, musicals, dance, puppet shows, and street theatre. Additionally, attendees can enjoy unique, experimental pieces that push the boundaries of traditional theatre

The festival takes place across several venues in Pilsen, including theatres and popular spots like U Branky, Republiky Square, and the DEPO2015 cultural centre. Running from 11 September to 19 September 2024, the International Theatre Festival is perfect for anyone who enjoys live performances and diverse theatre experiences.

Colores Flamencos festival

Each late July, the Colores Flamencos Festival illuminates Olomouc’s Horní náměstí with a vibrant celebration of Ibero-American culture. As the largest event of its kind in central and Eastern Europe, it pulsates with the mesmerizing rhythms of flamenco music and dance.
This year’s highlight shines on guitarist Pedro Navarro, poised to enchant the audience with his interpretations of Rodrigo’s renowned Aranjuez concerto, followed by dynamic improvisations alongside dancers and singers. Navarro’s performance takes center stage during the flamenco gala evening on July 26, 2024.
Spanning from July 25 to July 28, 2024, the Colores Flamencos Festival guarantees an unforgettable immersion into the realms of passion and artistic expression.


If you’re a fan of contemporary dance, theatre, and circus, the KoresponDance festival is a must-see event. Taking place from 11 July to 14 July 2024 in Žďár nad Sázavou, this festival spotlights the pinnacle of modern movement arts. Performances are held mainly around the town’s historic chateau, providing a picturesque backdrop.

This year’s lineup features artists from diverse corners of the globe, including Czechia, France, Portugal, and Canada. In addition to theater and dance, attendees are treated to film screenings and immersive visual art installations.

KoresponDance promises an exciting mix of energy, creativity, and emotion, cementing its status as the highlight of the summer festival season.

Music at the Chateau and in the Gardens

The “Music at the Chateau and in the Gardens” festival is an international event taking place in Kroměříž. Celebrating its 25th edition this year, the festival will be hosted at the Archbishop’s Palace and the beautiful Květná Garden, featuring a neo-classical glasshouse and a baroque rotunda.

This year’s celebration is particularly significant, marking the 760th anniversary of Kroměříž and the 25th anniversary of the Archbishop’s Palace and gardens being designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Spanning from 13 June to 27 July 2024, the “Music at the Chateau and in the Gardens” festival pledges an enriching blend of history, culture, and music set against a breathtaking backdrop.

Immersive cultural and historical exhibits.

Discovering the cultural and historical gems of Czechia offers an enriching experience, with each site narrating its own unique story. From majestic castles to ancient monasteries, every destination offers a journey back in time.

Grossmann Villa

Grossmann Villa in Ostrava, constructed between 1922 and 1924, seamlessly integrates a luxurious residence with business offices. This villa stands out for its lavish design and opulent interiors, featuring exquisite art and porcelain collections. It was a popular destination for visitors, captivated by its elegance and the intriguing stories of its original owner, František Grossmann.

After years of closure, the villa now offers guided tours, where knowledgeable guides recount fascinating tales of Grossmann’s impact on Ostrava. These tours are available every Friday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 5 PM, starting every hour. The villa’s reopening invites visitors to step back in time and explore its historical significance and architectural beauty.

Dlouhé Stráně

Nestled in the highest parts of the Jeseníky Mountains, the Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power station resembles a secret bunker from a Bond film. Its futuristic design and breathtaking surrounding landscape make it a top attraction in the region.
This year, the power station has introduced an exciting new feature: VR headsets that allow visitors to explore normally inaccessible areas. With these headsets, you can virtually soar above the upper reservoir for breathtaking views of the Jeseníky Mountains, including Mount Praděd, and delve into the depths of the plant’s water feeder and engine room.

The VR experience also includes an animated 3D model explaining the power station’s workings and significance. Traditional tours include a documentary on its construction and a visit to the underground turbine room, home to Europe’s largest reverse turbine. The integration of cutting-edge technology with natural beauty makes a visit to Dlouhé Stráně a truly unique experience.

Lednice Castle

Lednice Castle is a crown jewel of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO heritage site, and it’s also one of Europe’s most stunning examples of English Neo-Gothic architecture. Originally a summer residence for the Lichtenstein family, the castle offers several tours of its richly decorated interiors.

The surrounding French garden features a palm greenhouse, a Masonic garden, and a sprawling chateau park that blends seamlessly into the countryside. The park includes several islands, a Roman aqueduct, a lookout tower, and a Moorish water house, all connected by scenic boat rides on the Dyje River.

Museum of Bricks

The Museum of Bricks is the largest of its kind in the world, dedicated to the history of LEGO, the iconic “Toy of the Century.” With over 3,000 unique models on display, it offers an impressive showcase of creativity and engineering. Situated near the Hatě border crossing, the museum spans 250 square meters and hosts 15 themed exhibitions, boasting 2,500 models constructed from a staggering 500,000 LEGO bricks.

This vast collection has earned the museum a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Visitors can admire intricate models of world-famous landmarks, nostalgic sets, and rare pieces. Additionally, the museum offers a children’s corner and a well-stocked shop featuring both current sets and exclusive LEGO products.

Premonstratensian Monastery in Želiv

Established in 1139, the Premonstratensian Monastery in Želiv has a rich history, having undergone numerous restorations, especially in the Baroque Gothic style by architect Jan Santini Aichel. Set in the scenic Vysočina region, the monastery was once an internment camp for spiritual leaders during the communist era. Today, the monastery provides a serene sanctuary, offering accommodations for those in search of tranquility and introspection.

A newly unveiled exhibition in the renovated Old Prelature building provides insight into the early 20th-century abbot’s quarters, showcasing paintings, furniture, and liturgical artifacts. On select occasions, visitors can explore the meticulously restored monastery library, which houses an impressive collection of 25,000 volumes.

Fascinating Chateau tours

Explore the rich history and architectural wonders of the Czech Republic with chateau tours, where you can wander through magnificent estates and learn about the country’s fascinating past in a simple and engaging way.

From medieval fortresses to elegant baroque palaces, these tours offer a glimpse into the country’s majestic heritage.

Uherčice Chateau

Uherčice Chateau, a sprawling Renaissance complex, is often described as a “textbook of architectural styles” due to the various periods that shaped its design. Originating from a late 15th-century Gothic fortress, the chateau saw significant expansion in the 16th century.

The Baroque period enriched the interiors with elaborate stucco work and paintings by Italian artists and architects. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the French-style park, which transitions into an English park. Notable features include the remains of an obelisk and an artificial castle ruin, which add to the park’s romantic atmosphere.

The chateau recently introduced a new tour called “The Chateau Interiors,” showcasing seven rooms in the prized east wing, including the unique Angel’s Corridor. This tour also delves into the intriguing histories and stories of the chateau’s former owners.

Vsetín Chateau

Perched atop a hill, Vsetín Chateau is a striking landmark originally built in the 17th century as a Renaissance chateau and later modified in the Neoclassical style. Its 60-meter-high tower provides stunning panoramic views of the city below.

Throughout the year, the chateau hosts a diverse array of exhibitions spanning history, fine arts, ethnography, and biology. Among its highlights is the “Living Memory of the Region” exhibit, employing modern technology to animate local history and traditions. Visitors can also peer into the Templar cellar, wander through the natural science exposition, and marvel at the Aquarium showcasing live fish within the castle tower.

As of now, the chateau grounds, which are available for private events, are undergoing extensive renovations to enhance accessibility, including the addition of a new façade and a lift for visitors with mobility issues.

Nelahozeves Chateau

Nelahozeves Chateau is home to one of the largest collections of Spanish paintings from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, including works by Brueghel, Velázquez, and Rubens. Annually, the chateau plays host to the Dvořák’s Musical Nelahozeves festival, a celebration of the music of Antonín Dvořák, whose birthplace and museum lie nearby.

Immersive exhibitions within the chateau offer a profound exploration of Czech art and history, while the meticulously landscaped park provides a tranquil retreat for visitors. Adjacent to Nelahozeves Chateau, Veltrusy Chateau stands with its resplendent Baroque architecture and ancient arboreal wonders, offering additional tours and exhibitions, enriching the cultural experience.

This season, Antonín Dvořák’s birthplace has unveiled a new museum exhibition, merging his music with the nostalgic ambiance of his childhood village. Through immersive audio-guided tours, visitors can discover Dvořák’s world, experiencing the essence of his formative years

Thrilling outdoor adventures

Czechia offers a variety of outdoor adventures that cater to both thrill-seekers and nature lovers. From scenic boat rides to exhilarating hiking and biking trails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque country.

Boat trips

Exploring Czechia’s waterways is a unique way to experience the country’s natural beauty and historical sites. In Mělník, a boat and houseboat hire center allows visitors the chance to lease motorboats complete with onboard accommodations, requiring no prior boating experience.

Embark on a leisurely cruise along the Elbe or Vltava rivers and breathe in the tranquil scenery. The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape treats travelers to awe-inspiring vistas from the Dyje River, lending a touch of enchantment to the journey. Meanwhile, the Vranov Reservoir, affectionately dubbed the “Adriatic of Moravia,” serves as a bustling hub for summer pastimes such as swimming, rowing, and paddle boating, with nearby chateaux and castles enriching the experience.

In Bohemian Switzerland, picturesque boat excursions through the Kamenice River gorges offer a serene escape, complemented by engaging narratives from knowledgeable ferrymen. These tranquil voyages provide a fresh perspective on Czechia’s diverse landscapes, offering a rejuvenating getaway for travelers seeking serenity.

Hiking and biking trails

Czechia’s extensive network of hiking and biking trails invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its stunning natural scenery. The Krkonoše Mountains, with resorts like Špindlerův Mlýn and SkiResort Černá hora – Pec, offer seasonal passes that provide unlimited access to cable cars, kids parks, hiking buses, and treetop walkways.

These passes make it easy to explore the mountains’ lush greenery and scenic vistas. The Jizera Mountains feature well-marked trails winding through spruce and beech forests, mountain villages, and historical landmarks. Hikers can enjoy leisurely paths leading to historical stone viewing towers that offer panoramic views of the northern Czech mountain ranges.

Whether you’re trekking through dense forests or biking along mountain trails, Czechia’s diverse terrains promise unforgettable adventures for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Wellness and relaxation

Czechia offers an idyllic escape into wellness and relaxation, where one can revitalize both body and soul. From the aromatic fragrances of exotic flora to the melodic strains of tranquil melodies, Czech wellness resorts serve as havens of tranquility. Indulge in rejuvenating massages, serene baths, and comforting wraps within refined spas, wellness retreats, and historic chateaux.

A noteworthy destination is the recently refurbished W Prague, nestled within the historic Grand Hotel Evropa on Wenceslas Square. This opulent hotel boasts 161 luxuriously appointed rooms, including a magnificent presidential suite, and offers amenities such as an indoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and the “AWAY Spa” for unparalleled relaxation.

With venues like the W Lounge, the Grand Café, and a rooftop bar offering sweeping city vistas, it provides an ideal setting to unwind and bask in life’s luxuries.

Delightful gastronomy

Czech gastronomy is a delightful blend of traditional and modern flavors influenced by various cuisines from beyond its borders. Dive into hearty dishes like goulash, sirloin with dumplings, or roast duck with cabbage, and don’t miss out on trying fried cheese, a unique favorite. Czech cuisine also boasts a variety of sweets, such as the famous Frgáls and traditional spa wafers.

For those traveling by train, Czech Railways’ dining cars, certified by Czech Specials, provide an exceptional dining experience featuring fresh, top-quality ingredients and seasonal delicacies. Savoring these culinary delights amidst the scenic backdrop of the Czech countryside promises an unforgettable gastronomic excursion.