Following Perth’s meandering Swan River north, sits one of Australia’s most historic and picture perfect wine regions – the Swan Valley. Around 40 charming and historic wineries call this beautiful valley home, established in the 1920s by migrants from Croatia and Italy, with many remaining family-run ever since.

The region has become world renowned for producing some of the best drops you’re likely to enjoy. While some are larger, international operations, all are serious wine growers with state-of-the-art facilities, from the original boutique wineries to vast vineyards covering huge parcels of lush land.


The accompanying fine dining options are a foodie lovers dream. All are best experienced along the very pretty, 32km Swan Valley Food and Wine trail which takes in around 150 wineries, most of which offer a variety of stunning food designed from locally grown fresh produce. From wine cafes to 5 star restaurants, you can indulge and learn about the many varieties of wine, the grapes of which happily flourish under a Western Australian sky.


The region’s specialties include chenin blanc, chardonnary, verdelho, shiraz and cabernet. Enjoy live local music, and also check out some of the area’s boutique beers and spirits at a microbrewery.

You can choose to experience the Valley by hiring a car and travelling at your own pace (only 25 minutes drive north of Perth), stopping at many of the roadside stalls where locals sell fresh olives, fruit and vegetables, local cheese and handmade chocolates and have yourself a private picnic. Or indulge in a chauffeured limousine or gourmet Swan River cruise.

Lancaster Wines Swan Valley


Incorporate a visit to the small colonial town of Guildford and explore antique stores, a variety of art, and local markets. The town offers some of Western Australia’s oldest heritage houses which you can spend a night or two, or stay at a classic Federation-style pub and get to know the locals.

Grab yourself a great deal on flights to Perth and indulge the foodie lover inside yourself in the beautiful Swan Valley.