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If you’re a travel buff, you’ve definitely heard of the Aurora Borealis, or otherwise the Northern Lights. It only occurs every early-April until late-August and attracts thousands of tourists each year. However, did you know that there are other equally as intriguing natural phenomena like the Northern Lights?

Imagine pink lakes you can swim in, waters that glow, a rainbow at night and so much more. Read on for a glimpse at what nature has to offer, and you just might be surprised.

The MoonBow, Zimbabwe

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Ever heard of a rainbow at night? This rare natural phenomenon happens due to the reflection of moonlight instead of sunlight, resulting in a moon-created rainbow, or, Moonbow! Cool, right? The only place to view Moonbows currently is in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Check out the activities in Victoria Falls for memorable experiences!

Lake Hillier, Australia

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How about a pink lake all year round? Lake Hillier, Australia, is the country’s only pink lake to stay pink all year round. The water is completely safe and makes for pretty instagrammable pictures! The pinkness of the lake comes from the salinity of the water mixing with algae, producing the lake’s pink sheen.

You can visit Lake Hillier by helicopter! The lake is only accessible by helicopter, but if you want a more convenient lake, check out Australia’s other Lake Retbar!

Glowing Waters, Thailand

koh lanta natural phenomena

© Star News

By day, the waters of Koh Lanta seem ordinary, but by night, they turn into an ethereal, glowing ocean-scape. You can take a swim in the glowing water and see the ocean from a whole new perspective! It also makes for an aesthetic picture spot you can brag to all of your friends!

Rainbow Mountains, China

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Colourful mountains? Sign us up! These rainbow-hued mountains can only be found in Zhangye, Danxia, China, and you can look at them up-close from a viewing point. It’s almost like you’re in a fantasy movie!

Choose from a wide array of Zhangye tours!

Crater of Fire, Turkmenistan

A fiery hole in the ground might sound something out of Lord Of The Rings, but we assure you it’s real and has been burning in Turkmenistan since 1971. It was intentionally set on fire by scientists to reduce methane gas and has resulted in this natural wonder. Tourists can visit the Crater Of Fire, and even camp on the grounds, if you wish.

Take a tour to the Crater Of Fire today!

Light Pillars, Russia


Using the concept of the Aurora Borealis, the light pillars are the result of a formation of an aurora in Russia. It is created when light reflects off ice crystals in cold temperatures, resulting in the scattering of light and creating a light pillar. We recommend visiting Russia in the winter months to see this phenomenon.

You don’t have to follow what’s popular to have a good time

© anniespratt/Unsplash

Travel is ultimately what you make it. Go with what you feel you want to see. Explore obscure sights, see things that no one posts about(but maybe you can be the first)! As Andre Gide said, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

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