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Updated May 2024

In today’s digital age, financial management has become increasingly convenient, especially for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who need reliable and accessible solutions to manage their finances back home. One such solution gaining popularity is GCash Overseas, a mobile wallet service that offers a range of services tailored to the needs of OFWs.

From sending money to loved ones to paying bills seamlessly, GCash Overseas provides OFWs with a hassle-free way to handle their financial transactions while working abroad.

In this article, Wego will delve into the specific services offered by GCash Overseas designed to cater to the needs of Filipinos overseas.

What is GCash Overseas?

GCash, which is developed by Mynt, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, is the most popular mobile wallet service in the Philippines.

Previously, only Philippine SIM cards were accepted for GCash registration. However, using the same app, Filipinos residing in 13 countries can now register to GCash Overseas using their local SIM cards, giving them the same GCash experience as if they were in the Philippines.

GCash Overseas is a financial service that allows fully verified Filipinos living abroad to register with an international SIM card and access financial services in the Philippines. Whether it’s sending money to their families back home or handling daily expenses, GCash Overseas streamlines the process and improves the financial well-being of OFWs.

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To sign up for GCash Overseas, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Overseas Filipinos with a valid Philippine-issued ID such as a Passport, Driver’s License, or UMID.
  • at least 18 years old.
  • resides in one of the 13 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Qatar, where GCash is available.
  • has a valid international mobile number.
  • complete the full verification process.


GCash Overseas provides a range of services that can simplify the financial management of OFWs.

  • send money: Easily transfer funds to other GCash users in the Philippines to support family and friends. Please note that GCash Overseas users can send money to local users, but they can’t receive money from GCash users in the Philippines.
  • PH bank transfer via Instapay: Transfer money from your GCash account to Philippine bank accounts in real time using Instapay. Please note that GCash Overseas users with an International SIM can only send money to someone without a GCash account using Bank Transfer. There’s a PHP 15 fee for each transfer from a GCash account to a local Philippine bank (like BPI or BDO) through Instapay.
  • buy load: Purchase prepaid mobile loads for yourself or others with ease.
  • pay bills: Seamlessly settle utility bills, tuition fees, and other expenses directly through the app.
  • cash in via Payoneer: Add funds to your GCash wallet from your Payoneer account for added convenience.
  • cash in via International Remittance Partners: Receive money from abroad directly into your GCash account through international remittance partners like Western Union, Remitly, and JRF.

How to sign up for GCash Overseas using an international SIM?

Here’s how you can sign up for the GCash Overseas using an international SIM card:

  • download the GCash App from the Play Store or App Store.
  • open the GCash app, select your country of residence, and enter your international mobile number. Make sure the country code matches where you live.
  • enter the 6-digit OTP sent to your number for verification.
  • fill in the required personal details. Currently, only Filipinos can register.
  • after confirming your details, click on Continue.
  • confirm a 4-digit MPIN before submitting.
  • upon successful registration, a confirmation pop-up will appear, and you can proceed to log in.

After completing the registration, you can then verify your account to start using GCash Overseas services.

How to verify GCash Overseas account?

To verify your GCash Overseas account, follow the steps given below:

  • open your GCash app and enter your phone number along with your MPIN.
  • click on “Get Started” and carefully go through the provided reminders.
  • fill in all the required information and then select “Next.”
  • choose a valid Philippine government-issued ID, such as a Passport, Driver’s License, or UMID.
  • take a photo of the ID and click on “Submit.”
  • select “Next” and proceed to take a selfie scan.
  • provide all necessary information and then click on “Next.”
  • review the information you’ve provided and then select “Confirm.”
  • gather the required documents and select “Upload Documents.”
  • atttach your supporting documents and tap “Submit.”
  • you will receive an SMS notification regarding the status of your application.

Typically, it takes 7 business days to process your application, but delays may occur if there’s a large number of verification applications. If it’s been more than 7 business days, please visit the GCash help center.


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