Good food, pleasant company and great wine. That’s the spirit of the German expression gem¼tlichkeit in a nutshell. Add a spectacular countryside and Germany’s wine region is an entire gourmet and cultural treasure-trove.

Oktoberfest is approaching and while it’s a brilliant representation of Germany’s ability to enjoy life to the absolute fullest, take some time out to explore the authenticity of Germany hospitality and warmth in traditional inns and taverns throughout the 13 vineyard regions which reside in poetic hills and valleys throughout Germany’s wine regions.

German vineyards are relatively compact and tended entirely by hand resulting in wines of superb quality amid idyllic countryside. In the wine country of Rhineland-Palatinate you’ll also discover history dating back to Roman times where charming medieval castles and imperial cathedrals are placed like gems on a beautiful piece of jewellery. More than 2,500 wineries celebrate wine-making with elegant festivals, premium wine tastings and stylish events combining art, entertainment and of course, sensational food.

Fresh produce and local delights such as sweet chestnuts, white cabbage, peaches, apricots and almonds come together with traditional national dishes such as stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, pork chops, grated potatoes, bacon and onions. Dishes vary from region to region, the quality and perfect pairing with fine wine grown with such a solid history prevails throughout.

Ahr Valley

Wrapped around the rocky but picturesque Ahr Valley, the Romans were the first to cultivate grapes which still cling to its bare stone  – this region specialises in pinot noir.


Both the Celts and Romans settled this region 2,000 years ago with famed Moselle grapes, one of the oldest in Germany on its steep, terraced hillsides and are rated as some of the finest white wines in the world.

Nahe region

Situated in the south-west of the country, the 130km Nahe Wine Route links wine-growing villages, castles and stunning landscapes, and produces fine riesling.


Take the German Wine Route and explore some of the charming wine linked towns and villages, the oldest route of its kind in the world. You can cycle and take breathtaking walking trails and discover vineyards between the Palatinate Forest and Rhine.


One of the largest wine-growing regions, Rheinhessen is a network of younger vintners who are introducing a new innovative and dynamic rhythm to the country’s wine industry.


The Middle Rhine region is the most significantly cultural and impressive wine-growing areas in the country, recognised by its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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