The mere mention of “Holi” conjures vivid images of people adorned in vibrant hues, immersed in sheer joy and revelry, with water adding an extra layer of merriment. While each state in India brings its unique twist to the playful festival, the universal spirit of fun and frivolity permeates every celebration.

Read on as Wego‘s comprehensive guide is designed to help you travel across the globe and partake in this vibrant festival.

Holi 2024 date

For the year 2024, Holi will be celebrated on Monday, 25 March.

Best places to celebrate Holi 2024


The village where Lord Krishna grew up and spent his entire childhood is arguably one of the best spots for Holi celebrations in India. What’s unique about Vrindavan is that Holi is played with flowers here instead of coloured powders, giving you a truly unique experience of the festival. The main celebrations take place in the Banke Bihari temple, from where the festival is said to have originated.

Don’t forget to taste Bhang, a milk-based drink flavoured with cannabis leaves and traditionally served during Holi.

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Mumbaikars are known to embrace every festival and celebrate it with extravagant pomp. It is, therefore, no surprise that the home of India’s film industry gets painted with every shade of every colour as people come together to drench themselves (quite literally) in the fun of the festival.

Living up to the city’s party culture, Holi sees hundreds of parties and bashes being arranged in and around Mumbai, ranging from premium events with gourmet food and alcohol to budget-friendly, no-frills options. Bollywood beats resonate from every nook of the city, taking your Holi experience to a whole new level.

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The hippie capital of Rajasthan sees young people from all across the country gather to welcome the festival of colours with an infectious gaiety. Such is the buzz of the city during Holy that even international tourists make their way to Pushkar for a truly authentic Holi adventure.

Those who seek respite from typical Bollywood tunes like Rang Barse and Balam Pichkaari should definitely make their way to Pushkar, which prefers psychedelic trance music to elevate the already electrifying atmosphere.

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The Holi celebrations of Purulia, too, are a shade different (pun intended) from those in the rest of the country. While colours are an integral part of the festival, so are the performances of the Chauu and Natua dances.

The fiery red Palash trees are the highlight of Holi in Purulia, adding an extra splash of colour to the festival. Remember to relish the Mohua, a local brew made from the extract of the eponymous flowers.

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Hampi stands out as the premier and historically profound South Indian locale for Holi festivities. Legend has it that the city hosted the most opulent Holi celebrations, with saffron water being playfully sprayed during the reign of the illustrious Indian king, Krishnadevaraya, from the Vijayanagara kingdom.

Soak yourself in a burst of vibrant colours along the serene banks of the Tungabhadra River and experience the true magnificence of Holi amidst the ancient ruins of the city. Following your colourful immersion, partake in the customary ritual of a mandatory dip in the river, allowing the vibrant hues to be washed away along with any lingering worries in your mind.

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Celebrated in Barsaana and Nandgaon, Laathmaar Holi is one of the most unique Holi traditions in the country. According to the legend, Lord Krishna visited Radha in Barsana from Nandgaon. He playfully applied colour to Radha’s face, but the elderly females in the village took offence, driving him out with bamboo sticks.

Today, in memory of this story, the natives of Barsaana play Holi with sticks – or laathis as they are locally called – along with colours. Men come from Nandgaon to Barsaana with wooden shields, and the women of Barsaana playfully hurl sticks at them to the beats of the music.

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Consider Udaipur as your ultimate destination for a Holi celebration steeped in ancient traditions. The festivities extend over two days, commencing with the ceremonial kindling led by the current royal family on the first day, followed by the actual celebration on the second day.

Holika Dahan, the initial day’s event, unfolds a day before the main Holi celebration. On this occasion, the reigning monarch of the royal family ignites the bonfire, accompanied by a traditional dance form called Gair, performed by locals around the pyre. This is complemented by a majestic procession, as the royal family parades through the city on camels, elephants, and horses, enveloped in music and jubilation.

With the dawn of the subsequent day, the authentic spirit of Holi bursts forth. Buckets, balloons, sprays, and water guns brimming with vibrant colours cascade joyously upon everyone in the vicinity. The streets pulsate with music and beats, echoing the exuberant celebrations. Even those initially hesitant to partake in the custom find it challenging to evade the playfulness of locals smearing them with colours, all while cheerfully exclaiming, “Bura na mano, holi hai” (Don’t mind, it’s Holi).

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Holi celebrations beyond India

With its broad impact on individuals from various cultural and geographic backgrounds, Indian culture and traditions have a unique allure. Holi, reflecting this cultural richness, has been observed in numerous global locations over an extended period. The following are some of the top countries worldwide where Holi is celebrated with the same magnificence as witnessed in India.


As much as Holi is cherished by Indians, an equal measure of love and affection is extended towards this vibrant festival by the Nepalis. Holi is celebrated on a grand scale in both India and Nepal alike. The commencement of Holi is marked with a unique twist in Nepal, diverging from the Holika Dahan tradition in India. Instead, Nepalis engage in a distinct ritual known as Chir Haran, where bamboo sticks adorned with Chir (coloured materials) are erected across Nepal. These structures are gracefully brought down through a controlled burning on the eve of Holi. Subsequently, the festivities unfold in the traditional manner, with the jubilant splashing of colours creating a kaleidoscope of joy.

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United Arab Emirates

The UAE hosts a substantial Indian population, comprising 42% of its total inhabitants. Given this notable demographic, the exuberant celebration of Indian festivals is a prevalent phenomenon on the region’s sands, with Holi being a prime example. In the UAE, Holi is observed through vibrant daytime festivities held at public venues in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah. For a more in-depth exploration of the Holi celebration in the UAE, check out our dedicated article on this topic.

Holi 2024 in Dubai & UAE: How is the Festival of Colors Celebrated in the Emirates?


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United States of America

Living in America offers the opportunity to witness two vibrant colour extravaganzas. One of these events is arranged by ISKCON in Utah and goes by the name ‘Festival of Colors.’ This gathering attracts an impressive crowd of nearly 1 lakh individuals who unite to bask in the magnificence of this celebration. While the festival may be hosted at various locations, the one held at the Belur Math-style Krishna temple stands out as the most favoured among attendees.

Alternatively, another option to explore is the Holi celebration in Houston. This event promises a dazzling array of colours accompanied by live musical performances, enchanting dance displays, and a myriad of other enjoyable activities.

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For those seeking vibrant public celebrations, Melbourne in Australia emerges as an exceptional choice, especially if your visit coincides with the Holi festivities. Cast your gaze towards the scenic banks of the Yarra River, the customary hub for all things Holi-related. 

Specifically, mark your calendar for the Holi festival in Docklands scheduled from 29 to 31 March 2024, running from 11 AM to 10 PM. Anticipate a spectacular celebration filled with live music, a kaleidoscope of colours, delightful culinary offerings, and dynamic dance performances. Notably, the general entry to this event is complimentary, ensuring an accessible and enjoyable experience for one and all.

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Mauritius stands out as a nation where approximately half of the population practises Hinduism. If you happen to be in Mauritius during the Holi festivities, the immersive experience might evoke a sense of being teleported to India. The traditions upheld in Mauritius mirror the vibrancy and meticulousness observed in India.

Commencing with Holika Dhan, participants gather beside the beach to ignite a bonfire, marking the onset of Holi. This initial celebration involves energetic dancing and singing around the pyre. As the fervour intensifies, the revelry spills into the streets, with people gleefully dousing each other in an array of colours, utilising water balloons, water guns, and buckets. To witness the complete spectacle, make your way to the capital city, Port Louis, and soak in the grandeur of the Holi celebrations.

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