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Bura na mano, Holi hai! The word “Holi” immediately evokes images of vibrantly coloured people soaking in joy and mirth and, of course, water. Although every state in the country celebrates the playful festival in its own way, the vibes of fun and frivolity remain the same everywhere.

Keep reading to know more about Holi 2024 in India.

Holi 2024 date and time

For the year 2024, Holi will be celebrated on Monday, 25 March.

Best places to celebrate Holi 2024


The village where Lord Krishna grew up and spent his entire childhood is arguably one of the best spots for Holi celebrations in India. What’s unique about Vrindavan is that Holi is played with flowers here instead of coloured powders, giving you a truly unique experience of the festival. The main celebrations take place in the Banke Bihari temple, from where the festival is said to have originated.

Don’t forget to taste Bhang, a milk-based drink flavoured with cannabis leaves and traditionally served during Holi.

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Mumbaikars are known to embrace every festival and celebrate it with extravagant pomp. It is, therefore, no surprise that the home of India’s film industry gets painted with every shade of every colour as people come together to drench themselves (quite literally) in the fun of the festival.

Living up to the city’s party culture, Holi sees hundreds of parties and bashes being arranged in and around Mumbai, ranging from premium events with gourmet food and alcohol to budget-friendly, no-frills options. Bollywood beats resonate from every nook of the city, taking your Holi experience to a whole new level.

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The hippie capital of Rajasthan sees young people from all across the country gather to welcome the festival of colours with an infectious gaiety. Such is the buzz of the city during Holy that even international tourists make their way to Pushkar for a truly authentic Holi adventure.

Those who seek respite from typical Bollywood tunes like Rang Barse and Balam Pichkaari should definitely make their way to Pushkar, which prefers psychedelic trance music to elevate the already electrifying atmosphere.

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The Holi celebrations of Purulia, too, are a shade different (pun intended) from those in the rest of the country. While colours are an integral part of the festival, so are the performances of the Chauu and Natua dances.

The fiery red Palash trees are the highlight of Holi in Purulia, adding an extra splash of colour to the festival. Remember to relish the Mohua, a local brew made from the extract of the eponymous flowers.

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Celebrated in Barsaana and Nandgaon, Laathmaar Holi is one of the most unique Holi traditions in the country. According to the legend, Lord Krishna visited Radha in Barsana from Nandgaon. He playfully applied colour to Radha’s face, but the elderly females in the village took offence, driving him out with bamboo sticks.

Today, in memory of this story, the natives of Barsaana play Holi with sticks – or laathis as they are locally called – along with colours. Men come from Nandgaon to Barsaana with wooden shields, and the women of Barsaana playfully hurl sticks at them to the beats of the music.

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