In the business world, managing corporate travel is often seen as an ongoing challenge, marked by extensive administrative tasks. From flight bookings to expense tracking, the process can become overwhelming for many. However, there’s an opportunity to change this narrative. When managed effectively, business travel can serve as a catalyst for growth, fostering teamwork and enhancing employee satisfaction.

This article will focus on various practical strategies to create an employee-friendly corporate travel system, addressing common challenges and offering helpful tips for streamlining the process. By implementing efficient practices and leveraging suitable travel solutions, companies can enhance the travel experience for their employees and optimize the overall travel program.

What is a corporate travel system?

A corporate travel system is a framework implemented by companies to handle their travel needs and associated costs. It includes managing travel plans, enforcing policy adherence, and processing expense records. This system can also be managed internally or contracted out to specialized firms, with the goal of minimizing travel expenses and ensuring traveler security.

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How to create an employee-friendly corporate travel system?

Understand your employees’ travel needs

Prior to creating a corporate travel system, it is crucial to assess the frequency and nature of your employees’ travel, along with their preferences and priorities. Utilize surveys or interviews to gain insights into what aspects of travel arrangements are most important to your workforce.

Offer a flexible travel policy

Establish flexible travel policies that comply with company guidelines while accommodating employee preferences and needs. Allow your employees to choose preferred airlines, hotels, and travel times within budget constraints.

Choose a reliable business travel management company

Partner with a travel management company to oversee your travel program, negotiate supplier agreements, and offer traveler assistance. Select a company capable of streamlining booking processes through user-friendly platforms or tools, enabling employees to easily book flights, accommodations, and transportation.

Personalize travel options

Provide personalized travel arrangements based on employee preferences, including seating, accommodations, and transportation modes, to enhance employee satisfaction and comfort.

Ensure mobile accessibility

Make travel booking tools accessible on mobile devices for real-time updates, itinerary changes, and essential travel information on the go.

Provide travel assistance and support

It is important to provide dedicated support channels or assistance services for employees to assist with travel-related queries, emergencies, or issues. This can also help alleviate stress and enhance overall travel experiences.

Simplify Expense Reporting

Implement user-friendly tools for tracking and submitting travel expenses to streamline the expense reporting process. Ensure transparency in expense policies and reimbursement procedures to build trust and accountability.

Prioritize safety and well-being

Provide comprehensive travel insurance coverage, access to medical assistance, and safety guidelines for travel destinations to prioritize employee safety and well-being. Communicate emergency protocols and resources to employees before their trips.

Establish a feedback mechanism

Create a feedback mechanism for employees to share their travel experiences, suggestions, and concerns regularly. Gather feedback to identify areas for improvement and enhance the corporate travel system based on employee input.