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Updated August 2023

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 aspires to break all prior records and carve its name into history as one of the grandest and most captivating global sporting events. Leading up to this momentous occasion, the ICC has launched the Trophy Tour, presenting fans worldwide with a splendid chance to connect with the prestigious trophy, which will stand as the ultimate reward of the tournament. This tour provides an intimate encounter with the emblem of victory, elevating the anticipation and excitement to unparalleled heights.

Read on as Wego chronicles the ICC World Cup 2023 trophy’s journey around the globe.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023

The ICC World Cup 2023 Trophy Tour is a pivotal milestone in the lead-up to what promises to be the grandest ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup to date. Keeping up with the theme, this trophy tour is also the biggest and most extensive tour undertaken by the ICC. Beginning on 27 June, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy will set out on an unprecedented journey across 18 nations. The journey begins from India – the host country- and includes nations like Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, the USA, Nigeria, Uganda, France, and Italy.

Beyond its symbolic significance, this tour is poised to forge connections at a high diplomatic level, inaugurate community-driven initiatives, bolster cricket development programs, and, in addition, grace some of the world’s most iconic landmarks—a perfect fusion of sport, diplomacy, and global camaraderie.

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ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 launch

Pic Courtesy: ICC Cricket

The ICC has left no stone unturned in ensuring the grandeur of its flagship event, which was reflected in the spectacular launch of the Trophy Tour.

The Tour kickstarted in a breathtaking manner, as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy was propelled into the stratosphere, soaring 120,000 feet above the planet’s surface. It then descended dramatically, making a remarkable touchdown at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

This extraordinary feat was accomplished by fastening the trophy to a specially designed stratospheric balloon. The journey was meticulously documented, capturing stunning visuals of the trophy perched on the cusp of Earth’s atmosphere through cutting-edge 4K cameras.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 schedule

Starting on June 27, 2023, following a captivating launch event, the Trophy Tour embarked on its voyage spanning 18 nations. Here is the detailed schedule of the Tour.

Stage Dates Nations
Stage 1 27 June – 14 July India
Stage 2 15 – 16 July New Zealand
17 – 18 July Australia
19 – 21 July Papua New Guinea
Stage 3 22 – 24 July India
Stage 4 25 – 27 July USA
Stage 5 28 – 30 July West Indies
Stage 6 31 July – 4 August Pakistan
5 – 6 August Sri Lanka
7 – 9 August Bangladesh
Stage 7 10 – 11 August Kuwait
12 – 13 August Bahrain
Stage 8 14 – 15 August India
Stage 9 16 – 18 August Italy
19 – 20 August France
21 – 24 August England
Stage 10 25 – 26 August Malaysia
Stage 11 27 – 28 August Uganda
29 – 30 August Nigeria
31 August – 3 September South Africa
Stage 12 From 4 September India

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 venues covered

Here are some of the venues covered during the ICC World Cup 2023 Trophy Tour, accurate at the time of writing.


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As part of its comprehensive tour across India, the trophy has been showcased in numerous schools throughout the country, providing young fans with a unique opportunity to engage with this esteemed silverware. Furthermore, the trophy graced the picturesque backdrop of the Taj Mahal, an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the nation’s most revered landmarks.

New Zealand

Upon its arrival in Auckland, the trophy reverently honored the legendary Eden Park stadium. This historic venue played witness to the electrifying semi-final showdown between New Zealand and South Africa during the 2015 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.


Continuing its journey, the trophy’s next destination was the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia. This esteemed MCG stadium held a special commemoration for the cricket legend Shane Warne, with the trophy prominently displayed beneath the newly christened Shane Warne Stand, alongside a statue dedicated to the iconic spinner.

United States of America

As it embarked on its tour of the United States, the trophy was captured in photographs taken at both Central Park in New York and Times Square in Manhattan.


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The journey of the trophy also led it to Italy, where captivating monuments provided a scenic backdrop for photographs. Notably, the trophy graced the presence of the iconic Colosseum in Rome, adding to its remarkable visual narrative.


During its notable visit to Kuwait, the trophy tour encompassed a range of remarkable events set against the backdrop of the country’s iconic locations. These included Kuwait Towers, the Parliament, Al Hamra Tower, and the Mall – the tallest building in Kuwait. Additionally, an exhilarating fan activation event at Sulaibiya Cricket Ground drew a massive crowd of approximately 10,000 enthusiastic fans.


The trophy’s expedition pressed on to Bahrain, where it graced a series of prominent locations. These included Bahrain Bay, the World Trade Centre, and the King Fahd Causeway – a symbolically significant connection embodying aspirations. Moreover, the trophy’s presence at the International Exhibition Centre solidified cricket’s enduring significance within Bahrain’s cultural tapestry.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 upcoming venues

As of the present writing, the ICC World Cup Trophy Tour has reached England, the reigning World Cup champions. In the week ahead, the trophy is set to journey to Malaysia before making its way to the African continent, where it will traverse the nations of Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa.

The culmination of the ICC World Cup 2023 Trophy Tour will see the trophy’s return to India, the tour’s place of origin, on September 4. Subsequently, the trophy will venture to the venues hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 matches, with its tour culminating on November 19. It is on this day that a new ICC World Cup champion will be crowned in Ahmedabad.

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