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Updated February 2024

Situated at a key juncture in global flight routes, India serves as the most suitable layover spot for flights traveling from east to west. Individuals requiring transit through India en route to their destinations may find themselves confronted with uncertainties and inquiries regarding procedural intricacies and regulatory frameworks. However, armed with the correct information, you can guarantee a seamless journey.

Read on, as this Wego article guides you with essential details on transit rules and processes, helping you understand and comply with the requirements.

India Transit Visa

India offers a specific visa for transit passengers; however, not everyone transiting through India may require it. Simply put, If a passenger is not required to leave the designated layover or transit area at an Indian airport, they wouldn’t need a transit visa. However, if they have to go through customs and immigration procedures again, then a transit visa might be necessary. Additional details about transit visas are provided in our dedicated article below.

Fly Through India with Ease: Everything You Need to Know About India Transit Visa


Transit Procedures in India

The procedure for transiting in India is similar to that in any other location. If necessary, you must undergo customs and immigration checks, as well as baggage transfer, once again.

However, upon arrival, many passengers often find themselves confused about collecting baggage. The solution to this largely depends on the airline you are using to connect your two destinations, with India serving as the transit point.

Single Airline

If the tickets are booked with a single airline for the entire journey, you can skip the procedure of collecting checked baggage and depositing it again for your next flight. Your baggage will be tagged with your final destination, and airline staff will handle the transfer of your luggage to your next flight. You can directly collect your luggage at the carousel of your destination airport.

Multiple Airlines

If the airline with which you landed in India is different from the one you’ll be taking to your final destination, it will be necessary to collect your baggage from the carousel at your Indian transit airport. Following this, proceed to the counter of the airline serving your final destination and check in once again.

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